January 11, 2009

Israelis = Worst human being ever!

By now every Malaysians and I can say every human in this world is aware about the Israelis terrorism against Palestinians... Up until now they are still firing their 'bullets' against Palestine... ??????

Being a human.. everybody should agree with me that this is a non-human act! How can u call yourself a human when you are doing all these!

These pictures are taken from Reuters dated 27th Dec to 30th Dec 2008...

Without us knowing, indirectly we are contributing to the 'source' by supporting American/ Jewish products that 'sponsoring' the Zionist soldiers... Maybe after this, we might want to think twice when we drink at Starbucks or eat at McDonalds.. No kidding, from today I vow to myself no more Starbucks, no more McDonalds for me... how bout you?


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  2. There are too many things beyond our control. But I have to agree with you that at least, we are doing something right.

    let's pray for those victims.. May God Bless Them..


  3. sorry...i mean...KILL ISRAEL!!!mwuahahaha