April 30, 2009

Cursed for 7 Generations?

MAHSURI. A famous Legend! a lady named Mahsuri, who is wrongly accused of betraying her husband.. sentenced to be killed by the ruler... cursed the island for 7 generations of suffers in her proves of innocence. The legend also said, Mahsuri bled with white blood, as pure as her faith to the husband... pheww... tragic isn't it?

Anyway... I managed to watch this theater at Istana Budaya last sunday... Lead by famous Malay Actress, Vanidah Imran... Directed by the Fauziah Nawi, well renowned theater activist! Overall... it's just an OK performance to me... not really outstanding as i expected it to be! ;-) worth my RM70? err.. sorry... not at all... why?
1. The setting, even it's nice... but i felt it didn't help the 'situation' or the 'scene' that much...
2. The 'backup dancers' were HORRIBLE! full stop!
3. This act should be named 'WAN MAHORA' instead of Mahsuri... her character overshadowed others in a lot of ways... thumbs up to her actually..
4. Wan Darus (Mahsuri's hubby)?? ermm... his character was not important/ vital at all.. not sure why? :P
5. a lot more... arghh... frustrated... maybe i expect too much from it...

------------------------------------- the end --------------------------------------

anyway... watching Patung Kertas 2 is speechless in all the good ways!!!!!!!

1. simple story line... but not boring...
2. all lead characters carried their part very well
3. and all other characters had their moments as well... especially the 'little ones'
4. 'backup dancers' not bad at all...
5. in easier phrase... Patung Kertas 2 has all the elements that Mahsuri does not.. hahahah....

standing ovation to the whole team! *clap clap*

if they were to do Patung Kertas 3.. i'm so gonna watch it.. and i'm so gonna make sure all my friends watch it too.. hehe....


  1. dah lama tak p tgk teater.. hmm.. patung kertas 1 dolu tgk lah..yg kedua nih tak sempat.. tp citer ni memang best..

  2. i ske tgk ur new layout kt blog nih.. cool..