April 12, 2009

Leonora runs again??11km??

ehemmmm.... slapping myself all day for finishing the 11km BHP Orange Run at the Curve this morning.. yep... not much to say.. pain all over the place... :P :P :P well... with the hommies.. all seem very precious though.. hahah...

yeahh... finished the run in 1 hour 30 mins!

the whole clan

we cannot pose still one..huhu..

nyek nyek nyek...

pain baby pain!!! going to bed now!!


  1. hey...u went for the orange run too...i was there too...do check out my blog..

  2. yeah, it is very hot and only got one drink station....anyway, i did enjoy my run and the event...

  3. kakak. tangan kamu besar amat. gagah.

  4. yuhainis bukan yuhannees... yaaaa... kakakmu sgt gagah perkasaaaa!!!

    p.s: bila nak masuk kelas akak? soh alip teman....

  5. bole ke kakak??yeay! nk tgk yg kurang lemak dan bertelo macam kakak. gegeegeggeegeg.