May 7, 2009

Meme.. Your First of....

Stolen from Niens..

Alright, have fun! and as usual... feel free to do it, as i'll always love to know bout you more... :)

First Job : Sales/ Service Engineer

First Real Job : Sales/ Service Engineer

First Favorite Politician : Imelda Marcos!! ekekekek....

First Car : Kelisa Limited Edition (red/ black) *coz i'm in love with Italian Job at that time..*

First Record/CD : hmmm... Cassette.. MegaHits 3! *i think got Paula Abdul's song - Straight Up*

First Sport Played : Volleyball

First MEME you answered: Lupa... tapi rasanya dari blog Syakirah Hanim! :)

First Concert : hmm.. None (sedey takkk....)

First Foreign Country Visited : Thailand

First Favorite TV Show : Silver Spoon *Tony Danza izit?*

First Favorite Actor : P Ramlee!!

First Favorite Actress : Julie Andrew *Sound of Music...*

First Boyfriend : ermm... a chinese guy.. eheks..1992...ekekekkk...

First Encounter with a Famous Person : 1986, Ogy Ahmad Daud.. hahahh...

First Brush With Death : None..

First House/Condo Owned : My current apmt.. :) not house or condo ya...

First Film Seen : 1985, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! i was 5 at that time.. my bro got 'rotan' coz let her little sis watched that... butttt.... the little sis loved it so much! thanks abe faiz!! eheh... now u know why i love horror movie so much... other than that.. all P Ramlee movies... :D

First Favorite Recording Artist : Ramlah Ram! *kau kunciiiiii... cintakuuuuuu... *

First Favorite Radio Station : None.. *until now... i dun really listen to radio*

First Book I Remember Reading : Encyclopedia! *and my mum thot i like reading.. the truth.. i'm looking at the pictures... snakes, sharks and dinosaurs..* :D

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: This one? ekekekkk...

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