May 10, 2009

USS Kelvin?

hee... i've started my 'relationship' with Star Trek not with USS Kelvin. but USS Enterprise.. been following the series and movie sequels since teenagers... and USS Voyager as well.. now, can only catch up once in awhile from astro.. so, with this Star Trek 2009.. terubat lah segala rindu... hehe.... the feeling is exactly the same when I watch Star Wars Episode 1... (and i'm so a big fan of Chewbacca as well.. :D)

the storyline is well written.. the characters are fully developed and fully 'used' in the scenes... and i love the script as well... i'm not gonna have a 'spoiler' for this movie here.... so.. please... find a free time and watch this movie.. it's definitely worth your money.. :D

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