October 1, 2009

A better tomorrow

Have you ever had a situation arise where for what ever reason, you heard a voice at the back of your head.. "that's it! enough!"

yep... i encountered this recently few days back... my heart and mind just could not take it anymore... if X is very much happier, without me in the team.. so be it! i earned that position with respect... it was never self-proclaimed... i carried the responsibilities with pride and dignity... if you are too blind to see it.. if your heart is too cloudy to feel it.. if your brain is too small to digest it.. then so be it!!! pity you... you definitely not a good human being.. full stop! i don't want to have anything to do with you anymore... get away from my life... you are not qualified to even be part of it... go ahead and live your own life... have it your way... don't disturb me anymore... GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to try to understand why you're behaving like this... but it didn't make any sense... Alif said that X feeds on my misery.... as hard as I can't accept the fact that there is a human being like that, well.. it makes more sense!! again.. so be it! my life doesn't evolve around you... nothing you'll ever do can bring misery to my little world...

I'm very much happy with my decision.... and it's for the best interest of ME!! yes... i think it's about time that i put myself beyond anything else... no point i'm keeping a part of an effort to make X understand what life means.. and just for the info... I AM RELIEVEDDDDDDDD!!!

ko benci aku?? ade mak kesah???


  1. its very important to love yourself more than others. Selfish thought yes, but comes in handy when you have the "Stop! Enough is Enough" situation. I hope X is reading your post :P