October 10, 2009

Can't get enough

You have just going to bear with me for these few coming posts ya... it would definitely be evolving around one issue.. MY ENGAGEMENT! ahahahha.....

if engagement makes me feel smiling for almost a week now, I cannot imagine how would i feel if we were married... eheehhh.....

THE ring.. opss.. rings! :D

THE tepak sirih... a 'gift' to my family, from his, representing the 'engagement' between two families...

THE cake! my favourite... :) notice the pearl thingy.. it's all handmade by the fiancee of yours truly...

THE cloth.. for kebaya to be exact.. chosen by Alif's mom.. already sent to Madukara.. hehe...

last but not least... THE chocolate.. Patchi! :D

For your info.. my fiancee did all those hantaran by himself... he said, he made it dengan penuh kasih sayang (with lots of love...)

And yes dear... I love you lots too!

p/s: can you feel the happiness from US? *wink*


  1. yes... of course we can feel the love! ;) congrats darls!

  2. congratz kak leo and alipth ku sayang.sobs.

  3. hehe... epi loving to you too...

    aniessss ku sayang... makasih.. sobs jugak!

  4. congrat yo....kat Pasir mas ke ni? When?

  5. kazen.. yep.. it's in P Mas.. last 3rd Oct.. Jafni maghi, tapi Yoe tido doh... letih... huhu....