June 21, 2006

JAPAN!!! - episode 2

7th June 2006

Training hasn’t started yet… Today suppose to be our rest day… so rest lah… nothing interesting happened… just walked around and enjoying the nice breeze in Shinjuku, Tokyo… managed to get to one of the shopping complex there… As Shinjuku is a business area, so there aren’t many things to see… and all are very damn expensive… one big apple oso YEN1500 = RM 40 (lebih kurang)… becoz of their nice cool weather, we can see many people using bicycles… even in a business suits!! So nice… the pedestrian walks also are design to cater the bicyclist….

8th June 2006

The moment of truth begins… it rains in the morning, so we all took the cab to the training studio… which is not far from the Hotel (Keoi Plaza by the way = http://www.keoiplaza.com/). When we arrived, the Japanese are already there… OMG!! So Harujuku… and their Nike lines are much better than us… hmpphh….

The Thailand team arrived a bit later… bcoz of some Visa problem… they are Don and Kuan… (Don = guy version of a Bimbo… he he…, Kuan = so lovable yet macho.. they both teach BC at FF Thailand)

The training starts at 10.00am.. with a master class… the trainer was Craig Smith… A New Yorker and also a professional singer… uuuuu… didn’t manage to get him to sing for us though…
We all survived the 1st day and had dinner with Craig that nite… get to know him, and he’s a good friend of Beyonce!!! Woo hoo….. we all make him promise that he will say Hi to Beyonce for us =)


  1. opps... spelling mistake... www.keioplaza.com

  2. So NIce..so nice!! I also want to go..heehehehe

  3. hey...ni saje pictures? show more pics of others. the group pic too small. enlarge it pls! :p

  4. Ya lorrr.. The pics are way too small. Have to squint squint my eyes until cannot squint anymore woorrrr...:)


  5. I pun mata sakit la dear.
    But it's ok, post more pics!

    Somehow I am very interested to see the japan version of nike apparel!


  6. Hamboi Leo dah ber-konichiwa-konichiwa. Why lah only so many pictures? Ish. More of the Japanese men please. Sure ramai! Hahahaha. Nike Japan line memang nice. But very the mahal. They have to spend so much just on the spokesperson. Sigh.. Want to go back to Japan lah.