June 21, 2006


Konichiwa.... at last, i can sneak out and steal my work time to do this =) heh heh... again, another good thing has happened to me... hmmmm, this few months really gave me the right motivation to keep on going, professionally and personally ;-)

So many things to say... but this entry really dedicated for my Japan trip, 6th June until 10th June 2006. Why i went to Japan? Training to become a trainer for Nike Rockstar Workout - BOLLYWOOD!!! of course, fully sponsored by NIKE... thanks a lot to Melisa as she's the one who proposed me to Nike... luv ya.... and one more, thanks Vijay for the Nike 'stuffs'... some of it are still in package, unopened =)

6th June, 8.00pm

Got Razak to send me to KLIA... i'm so glad that he's so supportive of this.... well, not use to have a guy who likes you so much yet so letting you go to do stuff that you like... =) he gave me the 'puppy face' when he let me walked thru the departure hall... hu hu, me also so sedih that time... he said, "take care ye sayang... dun 4get ur inhaler, will be missing u so much and i'll be here on saturday to pick u kay... bye bye..." and bla bla bla.... he kissed my hand and off I go!!!

off on the plane, Japan Airlines.... so worry about the food... definitely non-halal... just 'tawakal' and i took only fish... it took us almost 8 hours to reach Narita Airport... When we arrived, we stayed there another hour, waiting for Spore teams (Naila = so diva like k azyei... i like..., Julian = so gentlemen, straight and sweet guy and married to a lovely lady named Amy.. also a BJ instructor in Spore)

After that went to the hotel but Vijay stayed at the airport to wait another 2 hours for Philipines team.. (Malou = so love her hair, curly, dance so well, Pee Wee = mother of two, got a sexy voice, can laugh so loud one...) and one member from Jakarta, Fetty Fatimah (of course, i'm 'fat'tier than her)

The hotel, so nice... with Lilies (white lily, blue and pink lily all over the lobby... nice!!) so expensive, one night = twin sharing = YEN18,950... do ur own math kay... my roommate is Riyo Fukunaga... she's so good to me... alwiz practice together using her laptop... toilet bowl, got button at da side one... he he... from the pic, figure it out urself what's the button are for =)


  1. Haih... Story about jamban only? Where are my Harajuku Girls' pictures? I WANT MY HARAJUKU GIRLS,WAAAAAAAA!!!!:O

  2. be patience!!! the pics are coming... the company server cannot upload more than 2/ 3 pics in a day :P nanti jammmm....

  3. hi was researching for the nike rockstar bollywood and i came across your site over the search engine.

    thats Naila and Julian instructors from FitnessFirst.

  4. Nigel: yup!! they are such fun and vibrant instructors...