July 28, 2008


Hey ya... Managed to watched Peta'ka, a dance theatre performed by DBKL cultural team on Friday and last night :D yes.. i went to Panggung Bandaraya twice! Just a reason to meet my Sifu in dance... opss.. to see our (ju, azyei and me) Sifu... En Jasni Abd Hamid. He developed my skills.. he unleashed the dance passion in me and it stays there...... hehe.... as we have the same sifu, that's why you will notice we dance 'quite' the same.. in other words the technique is similar... if you get to know us more, then you'll notice that Azyei will be more 'Jazzy', Juwita will be more 'HipHoppy' and me... errmm ummm.... more bubbly?? :D :D

Peta'ka is about the vengance of Peta and Taka... their mother got killed by the villagers.. bla bla bla... and when they grow older and stronger they took their revenge.. bla bla bla... Peta kidnapped the heroin.. bla bla bla... the Hero, Jaka, is supposed to save her, but failed.. Taka got killed in the process and so does the heroine... bla bla bla.. eheh.. i'm not good at telling story :D :D :D overall.. i enjoyed the performance.. i give 3 out of 5 stars... Peta i would say got the gold medal for best performer :D Well done, Taufik (i think so lahhh...)

movies.... wanted to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth but we ended up with Sex & The City: The Movie.... hehe... enjoyed it as well... more to enjoying the company to the movie rather than the movie itself.. huhu... motiffffff...... aiming for The Mummy end of the week.. heheh....

would like to take this opportunity to Congrats my fellow beloved Bodypump instructors, Wes Carter and Crystal Tan for their engagement :D :D :D Hoping for the best for both of you... embrace and take care of each other okay... ;-)

p/s: after i got the news, i dreamt of Philip and Sulin getting engage as well... huahauhauhauaa...... :D

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