August 29, 2008

K!CK 2008

Dear friends...

If you want to have a peek on my new hobby.. please feel free to visit Sunway Pyramid from 4pm today (29th August) until 4pm tomorrow (30th August)..

It's a kickboxing record breaking activities @ charity event...8 female kickboxers from Jak Othman Kickboxing Studio will be challenging the Malaysia Book of Records to execute a targeted 57,800 kicks in 24 hours, which is equivalent to about 40 kicks per minute. And they are my new friends... :D

The interesting event, dubbed K!ck! 08, will take place at 3pm at the Blue Atrium of Sunway Pyramid (in front of the entrance of Sunway Lagoon) and local celebrities like Xandra Ooi will make special appearances to charge up the event.

Formerly known as Jak Othman Kickboxing Challenge, the event was first introduced in 2004 with the main aim of educating the public, especially the youth and womenfolk, on the importance of safety, self-awareness and self-defence while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Aside from breaking its own record, the studio is aiming to raise RM25,000 for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association. This effort will also, hopefully, get the message across to the public to learn about early cancer detection. We will place a donation box at the venue during the event, and a guidebook, Kick Start Basic Safety Awareness and Defence Guide, will also be on sale. :D

The guidebook is mainly about how to apply kickboxing to protect oneself in everyday life. In previous years, they were some people challenging that they could do some kicks as well. This year, these people are welcome to do the same with some donation.
RM10 per punch! hehe... for charity aaaa....

There will also be free workshops for the public to learn some simple basics of kickboxing. The organiser welcomes sponsors and donations. Cheques can be made payable to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association and sent to Mypartners Communi-cations, 19-2, Jalan USJ 10/1E, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Selangor. All donations are tax-exempt.

When I wrote this, they all start kicking approximately 4 mins ago... Go Go Go Girllll!!!!! See you later.....

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