August 1, 2008

MIR Valve - 1st year Anniversary

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to MIR VALVE...
Haaaaaapy Birthhhhhhhdayyyyyy... toooooo... youuuuuuuuu............

hey hey.. 1st August 2008, marks the company as 1st year old in the business... yes, we are the 1st Malaysian API6D Valve Manufacturer.. For people in Oil & Gas, it's kinda hard to believe... Valve world is dominant by European/US Valves such as Grove, Valser and so on lahh... MIR has a technology partner, AST Italia, agreed for technology transfer for 25 years... We had several orders in hand, from SCORE group and CARIGALI.. So we have to prove that we can supply/ deliver what we promised.. ;-) Well... enough of boring stuff... let's go to the fun one...

As this is our 1st celebration, we thought our CEO, Mr Stasi Prandalos, wants to have a normal dinner with speeches and bla bla bla... you know what, it's not at all what he has in mind.. hehe... he prefers his staff to 'mingle' around and enjoy during working hours.. hmm.. sounds weird huh.. well, this is what we gonna do today.. ;-)

Date: Friday, 1st August 2008
Lunch Venue: MIR VALVE Head office & Plant (Lobby area)
Attire: Smart Casual (yup.. i'm in my ZARA jeans today, NIKE top and NIKE shox.. huahuahua...)


12.00 to 1.15 pm - Welcome/Opening Speech by our CEO, Mr. Stasi Prandalos
- Lunch
1.15 to 2.30pm - Friday Prayers
2.30 pm - Adjourned to “Ampang Super Bowl” Summit USJ
3.00 pm to 4.30 pm - Bowling Game (PRIZE $$$ only for the WINNER)
2 games per person ---> approx 4 bowlers per lane
Note: We have booked 14 lanes, therefore, full attendance is expected.

1. Your team members/players will be decided on the event date…no pre-booking of team members!
2. We have to finish/end our games on or before 5 pm.

in other words.. half day today... gituuuuuuuuu.............

yes.. we all gonna play bowling for our 1st anniversary... wakakaaakkk... looking forward to it.. eventhough whomever got me in their team is really really gonna regret it... haha.... coz i so don't know how to bowl... huhu....

later tonite, watching The Mummy with my soul sistas and brothers and Marc... yeaaa...... Superlady, tonite is my treat for you coz you could not make it for the last round and coz i ditched you last saturday... :D

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  1. Hey! Leo..wats up..wats up...
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