February 11, 2009

14th February??

Nahhh... it's not a tag game... Just my random facts, my thoughts about Valentine's Day...

1. I believe it's a good day to share the happiness with your loved ones
2. I'm happy to see my beloved friends planning all out for their loved ones (happy but jealous oso :P)
3. NO ONE (family and sistas are exception), has ever considered me as their Valentine's... huhu
4. I have NEVER received any flowers on Valentine's Day
5. Seriously, I CRAVED for a candle light dinner on Valentine's Day.. I know it's a cliche, but for a lady who has never experienced it, I WANT ONE!!!!

so.. waddaya think? ;-)

Eventhough, being an open-minded lady (i claim myself to be an open minded person :P), i still very much believe it's not really appropriate for a lady to ask a guy to go out for Valentine's Day Special Occasion (dinner ka, jalan-jalan ka).... *sigh*

sad? nahh.. i'm not sad... just wishing my coming Valentine's should be better...

Do you know, Lilies are my favourite flowers? ;-)

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