February 22, 2009

Be Transformed!

Have you came across this "BE TRANSFORMED" phrase?? for Fitness First people, maybe you might notice it on the studio wall of at the pillar... it's actually Nike's new motto for their current product launch... Why suddenly i'm so keen? well... i was involved in their event in Wisma Atria, Singapore last week!

I was featured as the "Strong Sister".... i don't really know why they chose me at the first place... but i figure, maybe they were interested in my 'transformation'.... hehe... easy hor... from chubby girl, to a bit smaller yet still bubbly lady... haha...

I was asked to do a demo of my program.... Bodyjam i thought of course... errkkk.... they advised that Bodycombat is more appropriate for a STRONG sister.. haha... yep peeps... me did a Bodycombat demo... Thanks to Kelvin Tan, Ben Tang, Eve and Emma.... for 'forbidding' me to do a cute smily version of bodycombat.. heeee..... Vivi, Naila and Amy did the Nike Rockstar Dancehall Workout.. they are Bold Sister... and Jeanette Aw, Julian and Vivi did a Bodyjam demo.. BJ47 and 46 bit here and there.... They are Sister One after the demo... there were some interview sessions with Singapore local newspapers and magazines... and Alan Wu was one if the audience.. he brought along his wife and 2 kids... sho shweeeeetttttttt.........

simple event... yet still very tiring... (at least i felt that way..ngeee...)

Rehearsal, 7.45am!! errr.....

went back to hotel... and had a quick nap... hehe... why? so can't resist it....

hehe.. yeahhh... the room is sooooooo my taste!! modern and simple.... no fluffy stuff... with red here and there...

went off at 3pm to do the hair and makeup... despite of my pimples of the month, :P, it turned out pretty well.. hehe... thanks to the makeup artist!

This is what I wore for the demo...

After, changed to another set for the media interview.. (the only pose of Bodyjam i can think of that time... huhu)

And he took a photo of me with the 'old me' as well...

Overall... it's really a new experience for me.... being interviewed by the media... telling all my 'hardship' to get where i am now... and hopefully it can inspire other women to live their life to the fullest! you can achieve anything if you really want it... JUST DO IT!!! :D


  1. alan!!! jelesnyer..jelesnyer....menci..menci...

  2. your performance was damn fierce!! LOL.

  3. Wow Leo,

    Long time no see. Now look at you. How's things with you? Stumble into your blog by accident. I'm somebody that you used to see during your Sime stint. Glad to read that you're doing what you love. I'll be your regular reader from now on. So pls continue writing about things that is happening around you.

    God bless, cheers.

  4. Hi Harm... have you have any blog? let me know your update too... :)

  5. Hi Leo,
    I don't blog (for numerous reasons) but I like to read blogs especially blog by a beautiful lady as you. Keep smiling and keep updating.