February 17, 2009

Leonora runs??

yaaaa.... unbelievable... yet, it's kinda true.. ehemmmmm..... i didn't know what i was thinking at the moment i say YES to this.. :P to cut it short.. i did this because my sistas were so looking forward to it and i so don't want to miss the fun... hehe... and yep.. it was so damn.... small-tini-tiny-fun and lots of 'cry-cry' moments.... yikes... why... i don't run! (the same as i don't read! :P) so, my first time running was the 6km cross country!! yeahh.. it served me right... painful on both legs for two days... and i vowed to myself, no more running competition :P so next time, when my sista decided on their next running, me just gonna be there being a cheerleader... yayy!!

long version of this cross country, you can find it here...

Arib came in 81st place
Kak Ju came in 13th place
rest of us (k az, rijal and myself) came in NOT in the bottom 50.. haha

before the run.. around 6.45am..

after the run... (notice the medals!)

me trying very hard to put a non-tired face

dua lelaki gagah yg mengiringi kami... haha

moi sistas! love yaa!!
p/s: top to toe = NIKE... ehemmm

till thennnn........

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