June 20, 2009

THE email!

Remember the concert that i was eye-ing on? CT or Anuar Zain? I decided to get AZ's as CT's only available tickets were RM250 and above... huhu... anyway... something happened... and i chose to send this email to AZ's fan club founder, Istana Budaya personnel and NST/ Berita Harian/ TheStar/ Utusan Malaysia/ Harian Metro reporters... happy reading.. :P

Dear All,

We are writing this email as to disappointment on how Ticket2U.biz managed our bookings/purchasing of Konsert Anuar Zain, 2ndJuly at Istana Budaya tickets. We are not expecting anything in return. It's just to let you know what had happened and how frustrated we are and we could not do anything about it. As it involves our prestige Istana Budaya, we feel that Ticket2U.biz is not competent to handle 'bookings' and it affects Istana Budaya reputation. For your information, I have also sent this email to Istana Budaya personnel. So, here it goes.

On 3rd June, we have booked 15 tickets (2 separate bookings, 10 and 5 accordingly). The rules said the booked tickets will be reserved for 3 days and payment must be made within these days to avoid automatic cancellation. So, I have made payments on 5th June. As I did it via Maybank2U so I received automatic notifications of the 'successful' of the transaction. Then I have called Istana Budaya regarding tickets collection and they advised that I can collect it anytime before the show. Well.. long time to go...

On 10th June, I have received a call from Linda (012-2555978), personnel of Ticket2U to confirm my bookings and requested me to fax to 03-41499600, the transaction notifications. I faxed her what she needs. I called her back to check whether or not she has received it and asked is there anything wrong.. She said she has received the fax and there is NOTHING WRONG, and this is just for their procedures and she promised to call me back if anything is wrong.

By 15th June, I called Istana Budaya Ticket Concessions to ask what is the business hours for me to go and collect the tickets. And by surprised, my bookings were not in the system!

On the same day, I called Ticket2U again (03 4149 8600) and by no surprise Linda did not answer my calls. Then I spoke to Zulkhairi, which he claims to be the manager of Ticket2U, and he confirmed that my bookings were canceled and my tickets already given to someone else. Of course, I was furious. I asked why and he claimed my payments were not 'picked' by their system and by automatic the tickets will be released. This is absurd as I have the prove of the payments and my money already been deducted. I asked if there is something 'fishy' then Linda should have told me earlier and we can deal for confirmation or whatever. Ticket2U never informed me of the failure of their system and Zul claimed that is not their policy to call customer to confirm of anything. Then I said, if it's not your policy to call then why Linda called me at the first place? At that time, we didn't get our tickets and yet our money already given to the organization.

I even called Mobile88.Com Sdn Bhd (company that handles Ticket.2U payment arrangement) and spoke to Ms Soon. She confirms my booking and payment and yet Ticket2U refused to give us the PURCHASED tickets. And Zul requested me to accept the refund of the money and he won't give us the tickets. As of today, 19th June, the money has not been reimbursed to us and Ticket.2U never made any effort to give any compensation to our tickets! We do not want any money, we just want our tickets back and enjoy the concert of our beloved singer!

Conclusion, we made a purchase for the tickets. I have attached all the proves of the bookings/ email conversation for your perusal. Transaction already been furnished and yet Ticket2U refused to give us the purchased goods. Well.. tu namanya tak ada rezeki kan... anyway... thank you so much for listening.... :D Hopefully others did not have this same 'fate' as us...


isk isk isk.... that's a kisah sedih for me...


  1. so what happened next? did u get ur money back?

  2. huhu.. they just refunded my money back today... but they can't give me the tickets... i wanna watch AZ!!!! huwaaaaaaa..... isk isk isk...

  3. hmmm..memang tak best tol lah system camtuh.. mayb next time, kena pg directly kt Istana budaya n get the tickets... ;)