June 1, 2009

New Toy

hey hey heyyyy.........

do you know i've been wanting to have this from 2006?

do you know i have a Pioneer Home Theatre first before I got this?

do you know i can't buy bigger than 32" as it will not really 'fit' my small apartment?

do you know i can watch horror movie with a better sound system and a 'larger' ghost now?


The 32" (81cm) S550A Series BRAVIA LCD TV is the result of a perfect union between style and performance. Incorporated into the TV are useful and innovative features that allow you to truly enjoy your television viewing experience. "quoted from Sony's website.. :D"

and do you know i got it cheaper than Nokia E71? hahahahahaaaaaa.... SenQ apparently having a promotion.. got RM100 rebate from SenQ and RM100 from Sony itself... :D :D :D

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