April 2, 2010

Zaza and Kak Ju tagged me!

:) :) :)

The instructions:

1. Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
2. Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3. Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same! "...

*perlu la no 8 kan.... huhu... nape tak 7 ke.. 3 ke...*

this is my 8th photo from the 8th  folder of My Pictures in my laptop....

ahahhahahaahha.......... story behind it:
- Fitness First Launch at KBT... damn it was wayyy in June, 2008.....
- Jeremy Tan and Ken Sin was launching with me... Bodyjam Release.. hmm.. hmmm... yg ada lagu beyonce tick tick fight tuh.. yg mana ekk? zaza, tulon jawab..
- Why we pose like that: pose for the camera.. flick flick flick.... Ken punya flick agak lain dari kami ya... hehhe

I'm grateful to know such good fellas from Bodyjam.... :) even though haven't seen them for quite some time, i wish them all the best in their life.. and they are definitely in my wedding guest lists! hehehe...

owh... have to tag 8 bloggers? hmm.. k ju, zaza and sue dah buat... orite.. why don't I get B2B to do this stuff... hehe.. girls, it's good to get out of wedding stuff once in awhile... heheh..

1. Aween
2. Ann
3. Farahfatihah...
4. Faratul
5. Diana

Pengantin lama...
6. Diah
7. Anil
8. Dell... <--- yaa.. wedding supplier pun kena.. ahhahaha....

lapan je ekkk.. takleh lebih ekkk... huhu....

who's having her pre-wed photography tomorrow.. :)


  1. Haiippsss....Ada lagu satu tag. Cepat wat homework:)

  2. saya jawab skrg jugak!! That's from the hip hop block of Bodyjam 44 eheeee..
    P/S: akakkss, saya sgt suka seluar putih u tuh! Sangat santekk! me loikee.. :D

  3. ya sue.. buat jgn tak buat...

    zaza... oooooo BJ44.. correct! suar putih tu? ntah kat mana pun akak tak tau dah... beli kat summit je rasanya...