April 11, 2010

Siap! :D

the cards are ready peeps! *well, not all.. :P... partial delivery*

as eager as i want to mengamuk blast off at the vendor, suddenly i cool down as soon as he handed me my card... hehe.... poyo kan? it is exactly what i've imagined.... simple and cool! like me! 

the cover... embossed pattern and hot stamping letters.... noticed the ribbon? :D *alah... yg i sebuk2 duk potong ritu*

A little prayer to start off... thought it would be nice if every guest of ours pray this little prayer for Alif and I :)

For my dearie B2B bloggers... you are invited to my wedding on 15th May 2010... Pasir Mas, Kelantan.. i didn't post the 'inner-side' of the card cos i'm not really comfortable posting my house add here... please email me for details, if you are available to attend... :) i'll give you the map.. kindly email to leonorahalim@gmail.com 

For my dearie friends... please and please refrain yourself from asking me again and again, when the card will arrive at your doorstep... give me some time to get everything together... write it all... make sure i got the add right... make sure i didn't left anybody behind... huhu.... sabar.... akan sampai ya.....and of course i valued your friendship... and of course i akan jemput you datang...

After done at the Classic Vision for the card... i headed to TTDI for my spa session.. Javapuri Spa... right behind the Shell station... arrived around 1.45pm (appt is at 2pm)... called the owner, saying that i've arrived so that she can open the gate.... while waiting in the car, with my car engine running, with the signal on... i saw the neighbour (of the spa.. a bungalow owner.. so what?!?!), an old chinese man, was looking at me.... and he drove out, stopped beside me and lower down his windscreen (betul ke ni lm bahser omputih.. maap takleh pikir btul.. nak marah nihhh) and rudely ask me,

ACHTUNG: scene after this is 18SG!

Pakcik X : "what are you doing here?!?"
Leo : "I'm the spa customer... waiting for the kakak to open the gate for me.. Sorry Sir, anything?"
Pakcik X : "Do you know there's a lot of robbery here?"
Leo : "I'm sorry, i'm just a customer.. i didn't live here...what are you implying Sir?"
Pakcik X : (with high intonation...) "I'M THE RESIDENT HERE"
Leo : (what the hell... peduli hape aku.. ada mak kesahhh????) "I'm just the spa customer.... waiting for the gate to be opened.."
Leo : (sambil naikkan cermin kereta) "Sir, i have appt inside!"

kekwat tak i???

I'm already at the verge of turning into an incredible hulk... before i get so emotional and angry and being rude to that old man.. i better keep my mouth shut... so be it!! i just went in the spa... and saw that spa Kakak got interrogated by that old man... come on!! seriously!!! that spa has been there for at least 4 yrs... obviously you'll see 'un-identified' cars in and out that spa!!!! how stupid can you be?!?!?! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh............... *emo mode turned on*

Honestly, i'm not mad because of you being curious.... but........... did your parents ever teach you about MANNERS?!??!?! is it so hard to ask nicely?!??! i've already said i'm a customer, waiting for the gate to be opened..... what more do you want??? i called you SIR for god sake!!! do you want me to get out of the car and beg you and show you the proof or something?!?! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU ASSHOLE!!!!! I'M THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE SCARED OF YOU!!!! ASSHOLE!!! I'M A WOMAN, DRIVING ALONE, IF I'M YOUR DAUGHTER, WOULD YOU WANT ME TO GET OUT OF THE CAR TO TALK TO STRANGERS???? HELL NO!!! ASSHOLE!!!

You own a bungalow... logically, you must have had a proper education.. and please think thoroughly before you act.... do i look like a burglar to you? if i were to rob your house, would i go 'eye-ing' your house at 1.45pm in the afternoon, with the car, which is registered under my name?!??!?! ASSHOLE!!! the whole spa session turned sour.... well, the treatment was nice as usual... but i can't stop being angry at that person.... not sure why i'm that angry, but i am angry!! :P :P :P ASSHOLE!!!

After that, i called Alif thought of seeing him and the peeps for makan2 or something.... maybe make me feels better.... he's at Sungai Wang.. shopping.... didn't know when he'll finish and it's too early too eat (it's only 5.30pm.. hehe)... i said i'm not in the mood, and asked can i join them and maybe eat afterwards..... hmmm... he suggested that i drive home 1st and he'll call for dinner later... well... i think he prefers to be just with his buddies... guess i'll 'spoil' the session huh? hehe... i understand and honestly i don't mind... i have time like that as well where i just want to be with my friends without him.... the thing is... it happened right after that pakcik incident...so, it makes me very sad... i'm too angry and too sad to tell him what had happened anyway and spoil his day.... he called me at 7.50pm later.... we had dinner... so, that's my only meal for today, at 8.30pm.... so... there goes my sunday..... hungry, upset and sad.... 

thinking of my wedding.... thinking of my wedding.... <---- so that i felt better... if i tak pujuk diri sendiri.. sape lagi nak pujuk kan... :P guess, i'm not cool after all... :P


  1. Alah... baru stumble upon ur blog. cantik! cantik! kad tu... simple and stunning. suka. putih suci.

  2. Leo Dear,

    It also baffles me why is it that when you're rich and you're old(er), you think you have alicense to be rude kan? Kita yg muda2 ni nak defend ourself pun if we berhujah, we end up branded as kurang ajor. Tapi kalau tak defend, then there's an arsenal or abuse coming your way.

    Maybe in your next session, you can tell the kakak spa tu about her rude neighbour and she can tell you whether what happened to you was an exception or habitual occurence. Well, then if it's habitual, just think in a positive way, orang tua tu memang grumpy ke,gersang ke..(ooppss..)..yelah..dok tengok pompuan2 muda masuk rumah neighbour dia but never to his kann???Kesiannn dia tau..pokcik gersang tu toksah pedulikkan la..

    Happy happy joy joy thoughts of your big day ok!!..Muahhhss

  3. yeay!!!! kad dah siap..leh kawen dah hehehehe nak gak

  4. nurul... yep yep.... takutttttttttttt.........

    zara... thank you for the compliments... and tq singgah my blog jugak.. :)

    sue.... hmmm... i ngadu dkt kakak tu... mmg yg, pakcik tu mmg cenggitu... sume org di-harrass nya.... smpi india potong rumput pun dimaki nya setiap minggu... huhu....

    farah... yea yea... nak kawin dah.. yea yea.. hehe

  5. U, i wish i can go to ur wedding..
    Sumpah teringin nak pegi..
    Tapi i tak rasa i bleh pegi sbb kan i baru start keja baru masa tu..
    I hope i can see u b4 ur wedding.. =)

  6. alah syebi.. u adjust la tetiba je outstation at kelantan.. haaaaa... gitiewwww... meet i before wedding? huhu..... bila tu? skrg ni, weekend je i balik kampung... if tak balik, gi spa la... gi carik brg last minute la... huhu.....