March 30, 2010

Card and Tag

Ribbon for my wedding card is done! and sent to the wedding card supplier.... yep.. ribbon is DIY... just trust my definite choice rather than leave it to them to choose... moreover, i prefer not to have my card 'similar' to others.... :) hopefully it will be done on the requested date.. 10th april.. yayy yayy!!! can't wait!!!

and I've ordered my thank you tag from Marryme2u... thanks Dell.... they're gorgeous.. :)

p/s: feel free to tiru.... but please order from Dell okeh!



  1. hehehehe.... feel free to tiru la . very the nice kan nak bg org tiru =)

  2. cute la tag tu....sweet..i likkeeeee =)

  3. june... eh, i mmg nice apaaa... huhu
    farah... hehe.. kalo suka leh wat ngan Dell jugak ok... :)