March 7, 2010

Wedding Update - Card/ Lantern/ Cloth

doing stuff for your wedding... or others as well.. never gets me bored... so many things to do and time seems to catch up very fast... isk isk.... my last 2 weekends (including this one) is really thrown into Zila's and JJ's wedding... verrrrrrrry tired and yet verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fun! :) one more week to go... then i can 100% concentrate on mine.. :)

so today... i kinda sneek into my wed a bit.... card is in printing... i'm doing the ribbon (to be put on the card)... so called of having my own touch for my wedding card (300 done... 1200 to go.. phewww).... and yes.. i'm so self-absorbed into possibly making everything on my own.. coz i'm Merlin.. i can do everything... :P hopefully by end of March, all will be ready and Alif and I can start distrubuting it in April.. :)

Did i mentioned that my dad custom-made everything for me? :) yeszaaa... i'm so wannabe a 'cinderella' on my wedding... hehe... feeling feeling cantik.. :P let see how it gonna turn into ya.. hahahah..

House Deco
I have bought paper lantern... thanks to Marryme2u :) 20 pcs of them.. 20??? yessss...... i know where to put them odi.. :) in these 2 weeks.. i'm gonna work on the pomander balls.. if i can find the one that fits my criteria, i'll buy it.. or else i'm gonna DIY it lor.... my mom has furnished the bunga telur.. yep, DIY also... tomorrow, gonna call my mum... and ask her to buy 40m of white satin cloth... hehhe....

so so so excited......


my dreams will come true after all.. alhamdulillah...


  1. *clap clap clap*
    tak sabar nak tgk wedding dress dr Madukara tu.. ihikssss