March 10, 2010

would you?

tired of searching, google-ing nice, cute, sweet things..... maybe tired of this wedding stress, so called good stress.. haha... i think there's things that i can't get over with... and these things still bugging me somehow... i want to talk to someone about it... and yet i don't know what to say or where to start.... so i think i just keep my mouth shut and keep figuring it out how to venture these out!

in the process, i found this! ngeee.....

so-called laughing

sape la designer neh... psycho agaknya....


  1. rockstar je sesuwai pakai camni.. huhu

  2. heyya!~

    C-O-O-O-L! heee
    btw, thanks for linking me.will link u up as well..
    happy preparing dear :)

  3. yeah Ann.. happy preparing to you too! :)