July 16, 2010

290510 - Part 2

1st reception - nervous.... dup dap dup dap.... gembira dan terharu...
2nd reception - greatful to walk down the aisle as a wife! :)
3rd reception - tired and happening... ahahha...

When we decided on the 3rd reception, we want to make it as 'un-formal' as possible... so that our guests as well would feel more relax.... have ample time to talk and taking pictures with us... not really 'queing' or 'waiting'... :) and on top of it... we make them to wear white as well... ahahha... sorry friends... meks jadik kekwat sekejap... i've seen on Astro some time ago, the DO's and DON'Ts on a wedding that guest can never wear white... in my case... i want them to wear white.. i want them to come as beautiful as they can be... and not feel any feeling or 'over-shadow' the bride... :)

this is the result!!

*phew* we arrived a liiiiiiitle late... :) sowwiiiiii.......

the cam-whoring session starts the second we arrived... well... we like it!! haha

walking... while our friends stand up and clap clap... wahhhh.... feel so like celebrity!

smile people smile!

then we straight away went table to table... so that our friends can continue eating... hehe

muah! muah!

too many muah! muah!.. tercabut veil meks uols... haha... hubby helped me to pin back the veil into my head!

tetap nak masukkan gambar Osman.. ahahha....

with gym peeps! glad having them... they eat hard like their work-out too.. hehe

still with gym peeps....
alamak... sume gym peeps lahh... 

that's the flower deco i made, put at the back of the chair... hmm... they took it! heyyyy.. haha

flowers look good on these pwetty girls.... :)

this is when the night got hot!!! we did our line-dance-funk yooo!!!! :)

e ah e ah.....

i lurveeeeeeeeeee dancing!!!

turn people turn!

this is when i gave-up.... coz i start to sweat.. dun want to ruin the make-up... isk isk...

this is a quarter of the line-dance ppl....

almost all of them stayed until 10.30pm++... we tried to take group picture... but we can't fit everybody... huhu....

just guys i think....

real pose.. just now, they smile on 2... haha

 girls in pwetty dresses!
well... that's it! the end of Alif-Leonora's wedding... Alhamdulillah....

next entry... we'll go on details.. maybe.. if i can find the relevant pictures.. ahahhaha...


  1. u know what. i love ur kind of wedding... this is what i have on mind. I love ur ideas, i mean ur wedding ideas :D I think i'm in love... if only i can hire u. *financially capable i meant*

    u have a great wedding and hope that you'll have a great journey as a wife. I'm happy for u!!

  2. seriously leo, ur 3rd reception was lovely!! u dont need a wedding planner, whoever helped u or whatever effort u put was enough to cover the damage done by the wp. God gile i suke semua!!

    from ur baju to ur guests attire to who the guest were. HAHA. u keje gym or are they the people who go to the gym with u!? Cause obviously they know about line dancing . can u please invite them to mine? HAHAHAHA

    2 thumbs up! no make that 4!! angkat kaki!! haha

  3. its lovely wedding..!! loves ur wedding so muchhh..!! siyes... oowwhhh... u r beautiful too.. :) simpLe but sweet n sooooo goges... :)

  4. best sangat :)
    sampai tercabut veil ye...!
    anyway LEO , congrats & Alhamdulillah sebab semua nye dah settled :)
    now it's time to make babies!
    ehehehhee :)

  5. oh leo.. this reception is the best. i supposed it's for friendssss rite? best nye!

    i'm considering 1 small reception or should i say gathering for my chinese friends here in Penang too.. tapi still KIV la..hehe

    love everything bout this reception! Standing ovation!

  6. babe, kasut u cantik!!! next time update pasal kasut2 u k!!