July 6, 2010

WP or a scump-bag???

Dear beloved Bloggers… families, friends, B2Bs, G2Bs and silent readers…. I came back from Redang on Monday and looking forward to update more on my wedding…. So many things I want to share.. our 3rd reception… details on MUA, designer, gift, dais, caterer and etc… However, I’ve decided to blogwalking first… yeah.. I missed them so much! So… what happened? I bumped into a disturbing entry, yet dejavu….



p/s: sorry girls, i've , linked you without permission... if you disagree to this, please advise and i'll remove it accordingly...

And I’ ve decided to share mine as well…. Why? There are so many B2Bs have become victims of irresponsible wedding vendors.. and my nawaitu is just ONE! Ya Allah… please alert others, don’t let them be the victim as well and please don’t let these vendors hurt other people too… 
I got engaged on 3rd Oct 2010…. Right after the e-DAY, we straight away started the preparation of our w-DAY… when both families had agreed on the date… Alif booked caterer + hall… I have booked caterer on my side as well…. Then we settled our wedding suits and dresses for both events… then we moved to our guest lists…. Apparently, my KL friends are too many, and I don’t want to limit my guest and segregates them. Also I can’t expect them to travel all the way to Kelantan and we don’t want to ‘cramp’ KL reception.. if we did, that event will be for 2000 pax! Ouch…. We don’t want that... So, we’ve decided to have a small 3rd reception,  just a get-together where we can mingle with our guest and treat them for a dinner.. J as you can see in my previous posts… Kelantan side mostly done by my family and myself… and KL reception mostly done by Alif and his family members.. so we do not need a wedding planner (WP)… hence, because we just want to concentrate on being a newly-wed on our reception, we’ve decided to hire a WP just for this one… task will be very easy… get a place that can cater for 300 pax, come and go event, no dais, no meja beradap… in a way.. just a dinner event….

In Dec 2009, I’ve contacted several restaurants within Klang Valley which I think sufficient enough to carry that job… got a lot of good feedbacks… but we can’t afford to pay for RM50 per person.. yikes! So, I’ve contacted several WPs instead… apparently, within 2 days, only ONE WP contacted me back with a serious indication of being interested in becoming our WP… others (which I don’t want to mention it here), take a week to reply…. I work in ‘customer-relation’ kinda work… so don’t ‘preach’ to me of being professional when u take 7 days to answer just YES or NO, whether you are available on the said date!  And puh-leasseeeeeeeeee.. spare me the crap of excuses such as being busy, having other reception and bla bla bla….. it will only take you 5mins to reply an email…. Brush-up your time management skill please!

Anyway.. back to this WP… (sorry, no name yet.. I’ll tell later.. just to keep the suspense going.. haha).. SHE… yes, it’s a SHE! She sms-ed, called, email-ed (16th Dec 2009) and we arranged few meetings to see the proposed places.. and we’re so in love with this ONE place in Setapak… discuss bla bla bla… we agreed! (22nd Dec 2009) On cost, payment term, project schedule and everything…. 29th Dec 2009, we paid our deposit RM2k. *phew* we were so happy… now, we can concentrate on other things, such as gifts, hantaran and so on…. Everything was great… until…….. I received an email from another WP, in early Jan 2010, whom wants me to reveal my confirmed WP (because I’m a person who attended to all emails, and after we’ve confirmed with that WP, I made efforts to email all restaurants and WPs that I’ve contacted before, that we’ve already decided on other WP.. so that they can proceed with others)… I told ‘kakak’.. we have decided with Maj***ku. *hint hint*

Thing is that 'kakak' warned me about  this WP and this WP had ‘fooled’ few other B2Bs and has reputation of screwing weddings that they handled as well…
I think most of you is aware about this….


p/s: there are a few more, same cases but i couldn't find the link.. huhu.. Ika, sorry, i've linked you without your permission... pls advise if you prefer otherwise ya....

Back to me… So, of course I panicked!!!! Who doesn’t?!?!? Thing is, about this WP Penipu already all over ppl blogs… and I think lot of B2Bs and suppliers were searching for her as well… resulted to her disappearing act….. what to do… dah nasib….. by end of Jan2010.. she is nowhere to be found! My RM2k? gone of cozzzzz………….. Then, I was contacted by Maj***ku so called business partner, a girl named Maz and her so called business partner named Shamir…. They admitted this WP mistakes and claimed they were also conned by her… so, they are willing to take over as my WP, with no cost adder on the original agreement… as they seem like nice persons and the fact that they are honest in admitting their mistake, we agreed to replace WP….. we thought everything is settled.. actually my nightmare has just begun…. Maz and Shamir couldn’t get the venue we wanted… claiming, too expensive, they can’t recover by the amount that they have in hand… by ‘rules’, I can always argue, I DON’T CARE.. it’s not my problem… deal is a deal… however, being a human being, that can think and have courtesy to others, we are kind enough to change venue…. Bla bla bla… it’s already March 2010. The WP Penipu is still nowhere to be found… but she managed to email me once in awhile… but my last email to her, I told her what had happened and what I knew and I want to continue with Maz and Shamir… the end, for me and that WP Penipu…

New chapter… My collegue, Mona, wanted to get married in April, hence in need of a WP. I gave Maz’s no and they end-up choosing the so called new Maj***ku as well… Out of surprised, Maz was not handling Mona’s wedding.. it’s Shamir! Hmm… I felt something fishy there but I still give Maj***ku the benefit of a doubt… I attended the reception… deco, food = nice! However, the reception finished around 10pm… early isn’t it??? Well, Maj***ku screwed-up Mona’s wedding in that sense… suppose to have karaoke session, yet the MC didn’t announce anything… Shamir was the MC!?! Hmmm… WP and MC at the same event?? hmmm again…. Why he didn’t announce? because he was AWAY to ATM to get money to pay the caterer… hmmm… pay caterer on the event itself???? Where’s Maz by the way??? That incident pissed Mona and her hubby very much, resulted not paying Maj***ku the balance of the deal.. well, fair enough right? I still felt bad, because i introduced Maj***ku to her... huhu... Reminder, this is in Mid April 2010. Maz had promised to get back to my wedding once she’s finished with Mona’s. End of April, nothing yet.. so, i’ve email-ed Maz and Shamir (26th April 2010)… I need to get my update and confirmation everything by 10th May as I’ll be going back to Kelantan on 11th May… the 3rd reception is on 29th May… no sms, no call.. yet on 30th April 2010, I received a reply from Shamir… (Maz has gone like WP Penipu… handphone off all the time… again.. nowhere to be found.. I guess she has found WP Penipu and stayed with her :P )
Salam Kak Leo and Bro Aliff,
You have every right to be upset with the WHOLE TEAM.. As DELAY and DELAY progressing and not WORK..  I don't want to make your every second wait, and I do not wish at all, to make you FEEL upset.. And I don't want to make enemies in my life.. So much that I want to make you a HAPPY FRIEND... Things are not looking good on our side..It is better that I dissapoint you now rather than making your event not running smoothly.. Am sure you are going to be angry and frustrated, but in my idea, i don't want to spoil people's event.. I am good with websites and photography.. But event-wise, i am still inexperience. Feeling Guilty and Hating myself to disspoint you, yes I am... But rather, I don't want to spoil your event. I am really-really sorry.. We won't be able to do your event..

Haaaaaaaa……….. agak2…. Apa ko rasa????? WP ditched you less than a month before your wedding date?!??!???!

Alif and I has no word nor phrase to describe our anger and frustration…. Moreover we have no time to mourn because time is running out! Looks like we have to do everything by ourselves… and yes!!! The 3rd reception is done by the newly-weds…. Not forgetting my loyal lovely friends who handed their hands to help us out throughout the wedding…. Kak Azyei, JJ, Zila, Azrul, Anthony, Arib, Jenny, Peter, Kech, Jerry, Fina, Zaza, Usop, Rijal and Lyza San… the credit goes to them as well…. May Allah bless you!

Honestly, I don’t blame Shamir… he tried his very best, but he just couldn’t bear of ‘ruining’ another event… at least he answers my call/ sms/email... as for Maz and WP Penipu… Hanya Allah yang boleh and layak membalas apa yang anda buat…. I can’t forgive you because you don't even have a courtesy to ask for my forgiveness…

For other B2Bs… I’m not ‘leading’ you to any decision nor judgement from these events and towards the person involved.. I’m just sharing my experience… what didn’t kill you, makes you stronger, bolder and a better person each day… I believe, there must be a reason why all these happens… it definitely taught me, not to be too lenient to others anymore… *wink*

I think that’s all for this long-winded entry… hope that all of us can learn from this… and…. I can’t wait to show you, what we’ve done for the 3rd reception!!!  Allah Maha Besar... it went well, lovely as we expected… who said you need a WP???? :)



  1. hon, seriously that is a nightmare. didnt have a slight clue u had a problem but glad things turned out the way u want em. as for WP penipu, ramai dah kena. kalau tak reti jadi WP, toksah jadila. WLT baru nak jadik WP tu, promote2. I think its not that hard in being a WP. kalau dah tamak and nak untung and dasar penipu memang tak kemana. macam mana la leh hidup makan duit haram

  2. leo, tq so much for the backlink.. sorry i punya terlalu panjang i guess link dia? haha.. hey i think i have to mail you on this matter, too sensitive to be discuss publicly, what i have on my blog is enough, further discussion to be made privately, im afraid someone gonna get meroyan soon after.. okay?

  3. nahwal... tu la.... apa2 pun, plan B plan C sume nak kena ada.... kita tak tau apa nak jadi kan....

    huda... no worries bout the link... sure, pls email me.. leonorahalim@gmail.com... i pun tak mau discuss... kecik ati yg teramat bila ingat2 balik... apa2 pun... majlis dah selesai... alhamdulillah... yg buat serong kat kita tu, adalah bahagian dia nanti... :)

  4. leonora, thank u so much dear.i x trn lg entry i tu sbb i;m still in the mood of `not worth' it. bile i read ur post rase nk marah btol ngan org yg jd wp u tu,huu,.tp nasib baik la sempat diselamatkan kan.i plk x leh selamatkan dh.terpksa guna apa yg ada,n just hoping my other essentials like my photographer made my day..huu,
    oh i love ur quote..'what didn’t kill you, makes you stronger, bolder and a better person each day… I believe, there must be a reason why all these happens… it definitely taught me, not to be too lenient to others anymore…'.

    absolutely true,..

  5. seb baik i dah kawen ^_^
    btw all ur majlis sangat best and run smoothly kan, also thumb up to all the dresses that u wore, meletop!!

  6. hye leonora...

    ada a few time baca ur blog...starting dari entry huda..then reyna...

    simpati dgn apa yang berlaku...alhamdulillah..thingturn out well...

    btw...i kenal someone ..yang juga terkena dgn wedding planner yang u **** di atas...

    so i ni nak minta izin berikan url entry ni for her...


  7. hi ...kenal x kak u.? yg kena ngekor maz mase jumpa korang..skrg kak ayu tgh sama2 ngan shamir perangngan pompuan tu tuk dpt kan semua brg2 kak u yg dia pakai...habis titik peluh selama ni...x berbayar...dia ttp berkeras x nak pulangkan...aduhai..

  8. queen... yes... feel free to do so.. :)

    kak ayu.... ingat, saya ingat lagi.. how are you kak? dia takmo pulang brg akak... ckp kat dia, Leo kem salammmmm.... pastu, ckp kat dia... haaa buat la mcm tu kat org... makan duit haram mcm tu tak berkat... and tak payah nak bersembunyi di sebalik tudung tu... memalukan kaum jek... she's no better than Kak Lin.... hehe