July 8, 2011


Mothers... are you considering 'extra' vaccination for your babies???

what do i mean by extra? despite all those normal (compulsory) vaccinations such as Triple Antigen and etc. , Armand's paeds requested me to consider Pneumococcal and Rotavirus Vaccination... at first i was contemplating... why? cost of course... huhu.... each jab (for both) will cost me around RM300++. The completed vaccination is 4 jabs (hmm.. can reach RM1500)... i think... can't remember exactly what paeds said before cos at that time i think the hospital is just want to make money.. haha.. seriously.. my thought was, if it's important, why it is not compulsory? and why these vaccination is NOT available at government hospital (according to some forum)?

well... after awhile... i did some reading.. (ya folks.. mummy Armand hates reading.. hmm..) apparently these vaccination is compulsory in UK and certain other countries.. hmmm... also i don't feel it's important because Armand is healthy (uptodate).. alhamdulillah... and i didn't have any thought that he would get sick in his early months because he is fully breastfed. Until... my friends's babies (around same age of Armand.. or few months older) keep getting sick... diarrhea, viral fever, pneumonia... or at least just cold and fever every other month... the mother is worried sick.. of course... and it popped in my mind, how would i feel if the same thing were to happened to Armand?? *cry cry* seriously.. i'll be sobbing along the way... huhu...

So, after all considerations and discussions, hubby and I decided to take those jabs for Armand... :) together with trying very hard to exclusive breastfeeding as long as i can, we hope with this step, Armand can be prevented from those 'normal' diseases in kids.... insyaAllah...

If your baby have running nose, coughing and mild fever more than once in his/hers early months... please, find extra money and consider to give your babies these injections... :)

Pneumococcal (pronounced as New-m'COCKL) disease is a severe bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, also called pneumococcus. It may cause pneumonia, meningitis or a blood stream infection (bacteremia). This disease mostly strike children under age 5 and can lead to some of the worst childhood diseases. Kids under 2 years old are most at risk. These bugs live in the mucous lining of the nose and in the back of the throat, and when plentiful enough can cause an infection in the respiratory tract, middle ear, or sinus cavities.
Pneumonia - inflammatory illness of the lung
Meningitis - inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Potentially life threatening.
Bacteremia - blood infection with bacteria.
Pneumococcal bacteria are spread by close contact and through coughing and sneezing. Diseases such as meningitis and pneumonia can crop up within days of infection. Symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia usually include fever and chills with shaking or trembling, as well as chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, fatigue, and weakness. Nausea, vomiting, and headaches are also associated with pneumococcal pneumonia, but are less common.

More information from this links:
Honestly, after reading the facts, I am glad that i want to do this for Armand. If your child is not, it could be a good time to give this vaccination a serious thought. Moreover, it wont be more than RM2k.. your stroller + carseat + breastpump + playpen + your Charles & Keith shoes worth more than that isn't it? ahahha... 

p/s: why Charles & Keith? cos they are on SALE now!!!!! ahahhahahaha.........

preventive mummy.. hehe


  1. ok...nk study psl jabs ni pulaks...mcm penting je..

  2. N... yep yep... sila baca.. :) especially utk kita2 yg suka bwk baby gi jenjalan keluar.. hehe

  3. klu hntr baby ke nursery mmg digalakkan amik both jab ni...prevention is better than nothing *although mmg costly*

  4. hello Leonara,
    My daughter has taken both d Rotavirus & Pneumococcal vaccinations. 3x jab for each vaccine. I agree that these vaccinations are quite expensive sekali pergi mmg RM4xx. hehe tapi i pejamkan mata je. I'm just taking extra precaution. takutlah skrg ni mcm2 penyakit. Alhamdulillah my baby mmg jarang2 sakit. :)

  5. alhamdulillah... :) harap2 juga ramai ibu2 di luar sana baca entry ni... dgrnya, tak semua doc cadang amik vaccination ni.. so kalo 1st time mom like me, manalah nak tau kalo doc tak bagitau ye tak? :)

  6. pengalaman saya.. anak sulung, saya buat tapi untuk anak ke2 tidak, dari segi kesihatan anak kedua jarang sakit banding yg sulung, so pd saya permakanan dan susu paling penting. Vaksin hanya membantu tubuh lebih imun, bagi saya.. kalau ada peruntukn apa salahnya tp kalau tidak buat pun antibodi anak masih kuat. Cuma jika anak tinggal di nursery kita perlu awasi agar selsema yg dihidapi tidak menyebabkn infection dlm paru2, penyakit lain jarang dihidapi selalunya. Tidak dilupakn vaksin yg mmg perlu dibuat kita tak miss, yg ni cuma extra je.. ;)

  7. two thumbs up for mummmy leo!! alhamdulillah kite ada rezeki lebih utk provide all these additional & extras for our babies.. kitorg pun amik jugak optional vaccination, esp coz we send Hafiy to nursery, org selalu cakap - bagus utk self learning, self esteem etc etc..but with the package of bermacam-macam penyakit berjangkit! huuu.. sib baik ada prevention mcm ni.

  8. Maznie... Alhamdulillah tak kena pape... saya bukan apa, usaha dan tawakal saje.. kalo dah ada method utk prevention tu, apa salahnya.. btul tak? :)

  9. Kak Yoe, maid still lum dapat.. ada 2-3 agent yg inform akan masuk this or next week.. so tgh tunggu la ni.. kalo tak sempat dapat b4 deliver, we'll continue the search during my 3 months maternity leaves nanti plak.. raya sakan + maid hunting! hehe..

  10. akak sukah! ekekeke... soklan yg sama at the other post.. abaikan ekk.. :)