November 23, 2008

Bodyjam Theme Classes

Hello readers....

For those of you who:
1. Misses 'old format' of Bodyjam
2. Love to dress-up and make-up and let it 'hancur' at the end of the class (if u get lucky, can win prize hor... :D)
3. Takde date... aka takde boifren/ gelfren... aka berpura2 bz...
4. Ada boifren/ gelfren yg bukan member Fitness First.. (can bring non-member ya...)

then....... I welcome you to Fitness First Bodyjam Theme Classes! :D

SALSA FIESTA Summit (Monday 24th): Anthony + Leonora
SALSA FIESTA Menara Manulife (Tuesday 25th): Azyei + Kok Hoe
HIP HOP GANGSTA Axis (Wednesday 26th): Azyei + Jacqueline
RETRO EXTRAVAGANZA Damansara Uptown (Wednesday 26th): Azyei + Juwita
SALSA FIESTA Klang Bukit Tinggi (Wednesday 26th): Kok Hoe + Anthony
RETRO EXTRAVAGANZA IOI Mall (Thursday 27th): Azyei + Juwita
HIP HOP GANGSTA Maxis (Friday 28th): Stephen + Juwita
HIP HOP GANGSTA Leisure Mall (Friday 28th): Cheryl + Azyei + Leonora
RETRO EXTRAVAGANZA The Curve (Saturday 29th): Ken + Kim + Surprise + Surprise + Surprise! :D :D :D

Come and join in the fun with us.... Again.. you are allowed to bring non-member/s friends and families to the class... Hope to see all of you there....

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