November 17, 2008

Leo = far from Organized this few moments... :P


never felt so rushing to do so many things at once!
1. do classes.. BJ and muay thai
2. tonnes of work in office..
3. HT things/ newbie clearance keeps re-schedule :P
4. fell in love in this 'pahlawan lebam' thingy... making me making last minute decision... overnite in Malacca over the weekend. Ahaks!
5. plus the 'lubang' on my house door
6. wanna go swimming lesson
7. silat shooting (yg ni menyibuk jek..)
8. blind date? :P ---> cute disaster?
9. AND I WANT TO RE'INTERIOR DESIGNING' MY HUT!!!!! huwaaaaaaaa..........

so many last minute thing... me dun likey.. :P :P :P

1 comment:

  1. akak.. that no.9 I can help.. got so many references especially the 'IN.DESIGN' book.. if u nak I can kasi u tengok hehe.. :)