November 5, 2008

My 29th Birthday....

My family sent me a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate cake to the office.... hehe... everybody is saying.. "wah... what a nice boyfriend!!" chetttttttttt....... i don't have any boyfriend.... and of course my family is muchhhhhh moreee nicer than a boyfriend okkkk...... eheh... (emo di birthday sendirik..)... with the flowers... i received two postages as well.. birthday cards from my sis, my mom and my dad... attached with it these letters:

Our beloved daughter Yoe,

Each time you celebrate your birthday, we know we miss you ever very much. Distance always keeps us apart, but sweet memories of you are always in our hearts and they forever bloom with their scented prayers to want you to be always with us. Right now we do feel your presence very much. The more we think and love you, the more we miss and miss you. With every thought of you, we pray for your every success and everything you want yourself.

Happy Birthday our BELOVED daughter and may Allah bless and guide you

Yours affectionately,
Lid & mak

My dearest Yoe,

I know Lid can write what we both feel better than I do, so I let him do it. As I need what he says on our behalf tears of mixed feelings swell in my heart. I love you and I miss you ever so much that there's no day in my life passed without me thinking of you and imagining what you are doing in KL in your house, on the way to the office, to gym and back home etc... Once again Happy Birthday from us and the rest of the family.

Yours ever loving,

*cry cry cry*


  1. Happy birthday cik sharipah...selamat pjg umur,murah rezeki dan dirahmati allah selalu. lama x gossip....bila nk jumpa???

  2. nda yoe!!!!!!!!!!!happy belated birthday!!!Love u always!!we will always support u!!!XD

    well my dear aunt....keep in touch always...^^

    owh i also wanna did u do ur layout page??it's so beatiful!!
    please tech me how to do it!!

    -reply okay?^_^

  3. ma tanya....maner kad dia nyo??XD