March 14, 2009

Curly Leonora?

hik hik... finally... i'm fitting through my lifestyle with my new hair!!

in two days.. i can only tell you this... this stuff it's not easy to take care man!! huhu... with my old straight hair... u do not need to think on how it's gonna turned up as it will always goes in one direction... yeahh.. gravity will just take it course.. however, with this permed hair.. 3 times you 'stroke' it, it will give you 3 different looks! arghhh.... and you know what, today, certain curls already start to straighten up... *cry cry* i'm so gonna buy a curler later!!!


  1. sayangnyer..curly pun comei.. ;)

  2. phewittt!!!
    nice yo!!
    looks more matured :)

  3. hehe...
    Maya: memang i sayang rambut seteret i... huhu
    Ina: attempt to not bcome budak2 lagi dah.. 30 dah tahun nihh uols...

  4. Hmm...very trendy indeed. Well I guess at one point or another people will get tired of their look and will try new ones. As long as you're happy about it, cool.