March 12, 2009

Hair perming

yo!! i'm so gonna perm my hair today... yep today!!!!!

why?? just want a new look basically.... my hair has been straight all this 29++ years of my life... i do love my straight hair... especially when the rebonding hair comes as an extensive uptodate fashion.. huhu... again, it's time to change!:D new look, new feel!! yeahhh.... i'm so very optimistic these past few weeks... major sweet thing has given me a whole new hope... insyaAllah.. moga diberkati...

well.... enjoy that picture as you'll miss my Ju-On hair very very soon.. i know i'll miss 'em... sob sob sobbinggggg......

looking forward for something like this *wink-wink*

:D :D :D

1 comment:

  1. Way to go girl. That's more like it. Take a chance sometime. Walk on the wild side a bit. Hope your 'major sweet thing' been treating you well. Semuga berkekalan laa hendak nya ye. When can we take a peek at his handsome face? Hopefully real soon.