March 9, 2009

GI Jane!

paintball anyone? last Sunday, my ex-colleagues from Sime Darby organized a paintball game at KKlub, Taman Melawati... i signed-up without hesitation as the main reason is just to get together with them again... yep! i miss them so much... come on... first love.. who ever forgets their first love.. haha.. i really enjoyed it... not really knows how to put it in words, so i posted-up some pictures to summarize it all... i had a great time playing this game... i had fun dressing up as GI Jane :D... i had fun laughing throughout the game... i had fun imagining myself in battle... and most of all... i had fun with my friends!!

getting ready.. the gear is so cool man... if you really into it, you can buy it.. but ehemmm.. it's kinda pricy...

yeahh.. we kinda hiked a lonnggggg way up to the battle ground!

fuhhh.... already sweating like he**.. the game was not yet begun :P

GI Jane wanna be??

he camouflaged so well until he got shot by his own teammates!! hik hik...

new tactic? too cool until you can't even take a peak to shoot ppl... :D

Winning team!! yayy... (heee..i;m kinda lucky to be drawn into 'experienced' paint baller!!)

Group Photo

sooooooo have to do this again!!!


  1. Wah Lau... main tembak2 no,

    Looks fun. Also saw some fimiliar faces. Glad you and the gang having a great time together.


  2. nda yoe...npe x ajk kak lia sekali....hu99

    i've been dreaming soo loong to play this activities..hu99

  3. kak lia... nanti ada rezeki, i'll bring u along ok... :)