March 31, 2009

Leo's Events!

Just to share a few events that evolved around me these past 2 weeks.... apart from BJ48 launches throughout Fitness First which you can see in my previous post...

first... Happy Birthday Jenny!!! as usual.. makan-makan + cake session...

second, weddings... Alvin and Karynn... Nisa's and Firdaus... apparently, Leonora aka camwhore still does not own a digital camera.. so she doesn't have any pic of Nisa' and Firdaus.. haha.. sorry Dik... my prayers to both couples... have lots of babies okehhhh........

third, Festival Seni Universiti Malaya... with a 'raging' asthma on Monday 23rd.. i have been forbidden to go out from my house.. :P missed Tarian Asli but managed to watch Tarian Kreatif on 24th... so nice to meet En Jas, Abg Mi, Chen, Ninie, Daicus and Rosli again... :)

fourth, Dance Party Challenge at Fitness First Damansara Utama... had fun with Winnie judging the event.. hopefully the members enjoyed it as well.. with Azyei and Anthony doing the Bodyjam48 plus version... watching everybody's trying the moves for the first time.. ehemmmm... very entertaining... heeee....

fifth, Melawati 10km run... errr... me didn't participate.. hehe.. with my condition, i don't think my body is ready for another run.. the last 6km cross country, i still has nightmare over it.. haha... well done to Azyei, Eusopth, Jenny, Arib and Rijal.. and of course Rizal as their 'manager'.. hehe.. next BHP Orange Run, i'll join you okay....

well.... that's about it.. :) i'll leave you this time with my favourite picture of the month... cutie to the max!!!! :D


  1. Fffiiinnneee..
    Letak gambar I yang langkah pendek tu as picture of the month ke??
    Aiseyman.. Tak macho langsung!!
    Tapi cutie to the max ke??
    Teeeeennnnnkkkkksssss!! ;-)

  2. yesssss..... cumeyyyyy.......... :D