April 13, 2011

Armand's virtual friends

I've been keeping all these photos.. just for this moment.. :) but first, apologize coz publishing these cuties without permission of their mothers first... do message me if you are not comfortable having your baby photo at my blog.. i'll remove it as soon as i can ya.. :) and also do forgive me if i miss-spelled the name/ info... tolong komen utk pembetulan...

 Baby Diah -Nayli - DOB: 11th Feb
 Baby Cindellyna - Amani Sofea - DOB: 18th Feb
Baby Yanie - Nurul Aleesya - DOB: 24th Feb

Baby Diana - Adam Mikael - DOB: 6th March

 Baby Anor - Harith Iskandar Umar - DOB: 14th March

Baby Nza - Arryan Rifzain - DOB: 15th March

And Megat Armand Firdaus
is really proud to have them as their virtual friends... hehe... by the way, do you know when i'm born, i weighed 8lb 8oz (3.86kg), delivered at OT8? hehe.. org Cina kata nombor ada ong lahhh

proud breastfeeding mummy!


  1. I wish my baby will be in the list but baby still inside my womb.

  2. Hello my fren Armand...me Aryyan..nice 2 meet u bro..hihi

  3. Cik Shu... dah kuar nanti kita wat entry lain! :) p/s: hi baby inside womb...

    N... yeahhhh....

  4. aleesya pn ade...ai armand...my name is aleesya... :)

  5. rasanya ramai betul baby start dengan huruf "A" skrg ye...

    kalu duk skolah sama sume sure duduk meja dekat2 time exam nih~=p