April 26, 2011

After birth..

Starting 5th April 2011,  11.58pm... we are a parent to a healthy boy!! :) alhamdulillah... greatest gift that a wed-couple could ever get... how are we coping? more or less the same as other newly parents i guess... it's NOT easy... even though 'some things' came naturally... overall, it's not easy at all... anybody who said it's easy.. well she's a definite biggest liar ever!!! on in-denial mode... heheh... agree new mums? :D

At hospital (mummy)
- I would say this is the least complicated.. erkkk... why? you have dedicated nurses who are there with you, to offer their help endlessly, 24 hours around the clock!! your job is only eat and breastfeed your baby... even almost every breastfeeding session, I was assisted by Ms Yee, a superb lactating officer in SDMC... toilet? 1st day, i was assisted by 2 nurses... as i can barely feel my leg due to the anaes.. and definitely was bathed by them.... on bed.. hehe.. felt like a queen!
- baby needs change? hmm.. call nurse! ehhe...
- again.. all we did was feed the baby.....
- 2nd day at hospital, i was able to walk to the toilet but hubby helped to bath me...
- 3rd day, i bathed myself.. yayy! and i felt the more i walk, the better i felt... so i took a stroll along the ward... hehe... gegeh tak? nurse said, "wahh.. mcm tak kena bedah pulak ya... good good"
- 4th day... discharge.. again.. refused to be on the wheelchair.. walked to the car proudly as a mother, pushing Armand on the stroller... :)

At hospital (baby)
- 1st night... slept with us... breastfeed started... felt funny and awkward as i have to hold him in a 'football position'

nurse said this position is the best for c-sect mums...

- Nurse only took him around 6.30am to 'clean' him... and almost all the time the baby is in my room... 
- 2nd night.. he cried more.. apparently he had BCG at 8pm that night.. and he preferred to sleep in my arms.. ok lorr.. mummy oso like! :)
- 3rd day.. Armand was chosen to be a 'model'... i guess because he is the 'right-size'.. hehe... it's just a session for bathing baby... practically.. as before in the antenatal class... we were taught theoretically... we had 7 couples with us.. and Armand behaved tremendously.. ahemm.. kecik2 dah suka limelight..
- 4th day.. His paeds, Dr. Sanjay Woodhull had cleared him from Jaundice (level at 128 - normal range)... we were grateful for that result as we all can go home.. but we need to return a week after to check his jaundice again and to check my wound dressing as well...

At home (mummy and baby)
- nurses' job were taken over by my mum... ahahah... except i bathed Armand by myself... and the breastfeeding part of course..
- daddy is being such a great daddy and husband!! take turns with me, day and night to hold our baby... in the 1st week, i would say he 'worked' more than me as my movements was limited...
- breastfeeding is getting harder as Armand feeds more and more... nipples are sore and badly hurt sometimes.. :( then i alternate breastfeed and expressed milk... luckily Armand has no 'nipple-confusion'... eheh...

1st check-up went well!
- My wound dressing was opened.. and it's already dried and healed! :) docCT gave me a compliment.. hehe... and i said, thanks to Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney and my mum/sis-in-law who cooked Ikan Haruan dish for me daily for 7-consecutive days!
- but she said, that's the 'outer'... inner-ones would take longer to heal.. ouch! advised me to rest from teaching at the gym for at least 3 months.. *sigh* ok lorrrr........... i'll wait!!
- DocCT checked my weight.. it was 81kg... and she'll see me in 6 weeks time... and we kinda 'bet' what's my weight gonna be... ahhaha.. hopefully i get to surprise her! :)
- Baby's jaundice decreased from 128 to 118... Dr Sanjay said that we are feeding him well... so keep it up!

Again.. alhamdulillah...

- i understand the meaning of post-natal blues!!
- still  breastfeeding... alternate with expressed milk of course... from 2.5oz every 3hrs.. now he demands for at least 4oz... i managed to get 5oz in each 'pump-session' every 4hrs... really hope that i can cater to his needs... huhu... so thinking of baby formula to back-up... :(
- mum and hubby are still helping me endlessly and patiently... thanks you both! love u lots!! and i promised to recover fully as fast as i can so that i can be less-burden to you... sob sobss... xoxo

p/s: thanks for all the gifts and visits from our lovely friends!! :)

p/s/2: dear relatives... your comments/ advice during visits are not welcomed! thank you... seriously.. in the 'pantang-mode', new mums do not need comments/advice at all.. what we need is help! 'action-wise'.. not words! even though you thought you are helping.. believe me.. you are not! thanks in advance... :)


  1. hi babe.. congratulation on ur new bundle of joy.. ya allah, i'm soo tied up with workload, sampai x sempat nk jengah blog.. today baru tau u dah deliver.. anyhow, he is soooo cute.. =)

  2. We love baby Armand..wanna c him again sbb hari tu Armand tdo je x mo bangun even Dhani buat huru hara..

  3. Kak Yoe, totally AGREED with you! It is NOT easy. Cuma b4 this kite takle warning2 kat Kak Yoe.. hehe.. but believe me, it will get better..

    Breastfeeding part - yup! sore nipple. Mine were even bleeding!! Kalo boleh jgn selalu pam during this 1st month, coz it will reduce your milk production slowly.. the more baby suck, the more milk will come out. So kalo bleh, direct BF sekerap yg mungkin. Believe me, there's no such thing as 'tak cukup susu'. Allah jadikan setiap ibu mesti dapat susukan anaknya. Yg penting semangat kene kuat. Esp from HUBBY.. huhu.. Kalo boleh Armand must continue minum susu mummy ye.. jgn minum susu lembu..

    Take more PROTEIN, esp FISH. It really helps for milk production. Kite dulu, every meal mesti amik minimum 2 ekor ikan, per day 4 ekor. Hasilnya susu membuak2 sampai engorged!! haha.. each pump session bleh dpt smpi 9-11oz.. mula2 mmg sikit Kak Yoe. Yours, each pump session 5oz is not bad at all. It will increase once you get the rythm, eat well and direct feed more. I'm sure you'll manage it.

    Visit - also AGREED with you.. kite dulu punyelah kalo bleh malas nak layan org yg dtg melawat.. heh..punyelah teruk. Even though i delivered normally, penatnya tak boleh cakap. Of course not enough sleep.. pastu bila siang2 hari, baby tido, kitepun nak tido, time tu lah ramai yg dtg melawat.. huuu.. kene la layan jugak. But seriously, AGREED with you, kalo dtg bagi byk nasihat pun, so not helping sebenarnya.. hehe.. tapi kalo ckp kang, takut lepas2 ni takde plak org nak melawat kite.. hehe..

    Teringin nak melawat Kak Yoe, dah lama sgt tak jumpa. But kite simpan dulu. teringat time kite awal2 bersalin dulu susah nak cope ngn ramai visitors.. So I let you settle down first.. nanti dah abis pantang boleh le kite dtg melawat.. hehe

    All the best Kak Yoe! Kite doakan Allah permudahkan semua urusan parenting for you esp during these early days..InsyaAllah!

  4. zaila... dah masuk 3 minggu dah ni.. hehe

    dayang... takpe.. nanti dia besar sket kurg la tido kut.. skrg ni pun, kalo dia bangun, ada visitor... nanti dia meragam gak sbb dia nak tido.. :)

    nisa'... gitulah kaedahnya... sape yg merasa saja paham keadaannya.. tapi kan, kengkdg org yg dah merasa pun mcm dah lupa plak yg dia dulu pun penah gak melalui time2 camni kan.. hmmm.. abaikan.. yg penting.. usaha utk breastfeed sesungguh hati.. eheee...

  5. salam kenal sis...tahniah for your new lil' bundle of joy...welcome to the motherhood...may you enjoy your breasfeeding journey with a greatest moment...nak breastfeeding baby perlu azam yang kuat..alhamdulillah..adha dpt bf my baby until now(dh 1thn stgh skrg...ni tgh menuju ke 2 tahun to complete the tempoh..)will doakan utk sis jugak..

  6. leo,agree with ur last statement.tolong lh kn.jgn nk bebel je.uhu.btw,terer lh leo.berani mnd kn armand.sy mnd kn aleesya time dh blk putrajaya je.hu3

  7. Tell me about it babe!!i dh nak kene gila meroyan kot time pantang..haaha..u can only share ur hardship w ur own family and frens yg go thru the same situation.some frens yg dpt baby senang still xpaham what we go thru.tp dun worry after pantang arnd 2mths everything will be ok.support system tu penting.susu jgn risau cukup.makin lama makin byk insyaAllah

  8. adha... salam kenal too.. tq for the doa.. :)

    yanie... Armand baby tak kecik.. haha.. so nak mandikan senang.. tak gerun sgt..

    diah.. owh.. perasaan nak meroyan itu sgtlah difahami.. hehe..

  9. aryyan oso klo minum hruss 3-4oz...