April 18, 2011

Short Entry

Still jumbling time between effort/hard work/patience for taking care of Armand and myself... Hopefully I'll get the hang of it by the end of confinement... Today's short entry, just to share some tips/meds for new mothers like me...

Especially for the ones who had c-sect for their babies' birth.....

My experience
- I'm able to walk on the 2nd day.. In a way forcing myself bcoz of 'toilet-process'.. Hehe.. Alhamdulillah... Actually I felt better with a bit walking here and there..
- 3rd day, I took a stroll around the ward.. Saying hi to all nurses, whom all, apparently remembered my names.. Haha.. I think they are well-trained to be 'user-frenly' and memorize all the moms' names.. Kudos to SDMC's nurses!!!
- 4th day.. Trip home!! Able to walk while pushing our baby on the stroller.. NO WHEELCHAIR!! Heheee.. Proud of myself! Yayy...

- the pain seems gone.. Until... Jeng jeng jeng... 10th day: I'm out of painkillers!!!
- aiyoooo.... this is when you can feel your uterus 'squeezes' every time you breastfeed.. Doc said it's normal as the hormone that produces milk = hormone that helps you "kecutkan rahim".. So that pain is a good pain.. Well... There's no beauty without pain.. Ahemm.. Pain is still pain... Besides that, sore all over body...

Then my sis-in-law found a product.. Recommended by her several friends whom used it successfully after their c-sect delivery.. Helps a lot with the pain.. And makes u feel stronger... And it works for me too.. So.. Feel free to try...

LD-VENUS Gold... Elken Product.. Manufactured in DongBao new village, Tonghua, China... Comes with Halal certificate.. And it tastes nice too!! :) like a very heavy honey..

P/S: I still on Pati Ikan Haruan Polleney though.. Good meds won't hurt u.. :) and this one is tasteless!! Buwekkkk....


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  1. c-section ke leo??? if so, kena jaga betul2 ek.. luka ceasar ni lambat nk baik..tp sakit lama tau..huhu.. masa anak 1st dulu dh rasa.

    anyway take care..jgn angkat berat langsung.. nanti cerita lah kronologi kelahiran armand.. best dgr pengalaman orang bersalin nih..hehe.. hugs n kisses to megat armand yg hensem.. ;D

  2. ya lor Maya... alhamdulillah.. after a week, bukak dressing, luka dah kering... so 'kurang gerun' sket la.. ehhe... hari ni baru leh tungku/ urut... lega sket badan nih.. :) ur hug n kiss odi passed to Armand.. :)