April 25, 2011

Mum makes me wear big shirt

Hi.. Today I'm wearing 6-12mths old shirt... As my mum said it's easier to make me wears bigger shirt.. Hmmm....

Hahahhhh... as he was 3.86kg when he was born, there's no way I can fit him to newborn's... He started wif 3-6mths.. Next doc visit is on 16th may.. Till then, I didn't know how much he had gained weight currently.. But holding/ breastfeeding him now is so a workout for me.. Yikess!!

Currently 74kg! 5 more to go to weight b4 pregnancy! And I was 90kg at the end of my pregnancy.. Damn!!

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  1. Hehehe... baby Amani masa lahir baju newborn pun besar since she was only 2.2 kg at that time.. =)

    Baby Armand nk cepat besar la tu kalau pakai baju besar2.. hehe

  2. wahhh...not bad babe....cepat turun balik weight to pre-pregnancy....i dulu stuck at 4kg...tak dpt nak go back to old weight....akakak...hopefully this time around will be a bit better....:p

  3. caiyok!! caiyok!! bf byk2 leo.. nanti mesti turun kaw2 punye.. baby boy lglah kuat minum..mesti turun punya. 3 bulan je mesti dh back to norma; weight..

    baby armand besar tuh ..3.8kg.. can't imagine kalau leo deliver normal.. moga baby cepat membesar bagai johan..yeay!!

  4. N... oloolorrr.. musti comel Amani pakai baju kecik! :)

  5. Nani.. surprisingly to me as well... but i want my weight to be 60kg! ahahaha... kena aim high kannn... *faint*

  6. Maya.. mmg menyusu kuat.. pump 5oz every 4 hours pun rasa tak cukup utk dia.. takut betul.. ni duk pikir nak standby baby formula... huhu...

    p/s: ya lor.. kalo normal.. harus meks pensan!