May 4, 2011

Sing to me pleaseeee....

Armand loves to hear people sings to him.... from daddy especially... he just stares at you and smile once in awhile.... and came out with all sorts of sound.. hmmm... daddy said he'll be talkative soon like his mummy... 

opps.. guilty as charged!!

p/s: This photo as well can be considered as 'tag-answered' by Yanie.. hehe... not interested in the contest though.. hehe... just a courtesy to Yanie...

Biodata Baby: Megat Armand Firdaus b Alif Fazli. DOB : 5th April 2011 
Biodata Papa Baby: Alif Fazli b Jamaluddin. DOB : 19th February 1982


  1. leoo! nak lagi gambar armand... x puas laa tengok gamba dia :)

  2. alamak Iza... nanti Leo snap byk2 lagi ya... tak nyempat2... tu pun pakai enpon jek.. :)

  3. ihihih okeh2

    nanti post tau :)

  4. olololo.....daddy-son bonding time!

  5. will do Iza..

    Nani.. yep! making daddy taking care of baby more than me during my confinement.. hehehe...

  6. bonding time...father and son...

  7. lebat nyer rambut Armand...!!!

  8. N.. armand mmg suka org nyanyi ngan dia.. favourite baru skrg.. tegur kipas siling dgn bersungguh2..

    aty... skrg dah botak! :) rindu plak rambut lebat dia...