May 26, 2011

Various Breastpumps

ops! this entry is supposed to be about Armand's Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul... but mummy forget to download the photos.. eheh... sorry arr.. postpone a bit okeh... in the mean time.. i want to let you (mummies that are actively breastfeeding) think of these 3 stuffs...

Medela Mini Electric

Medela Freestyle

Spectra Dew 350

jeng! jeng! jeng! 

i have the opportunity to experience all these 3 types/ brands of breastpumps! wait for my review... eheh... maybe it can help you to decide which is best for you... :)


p/s: yaaa... i have no interest in manual breastpump.. time is the essence when it comes to career mother! :)


  1. cant wait for your entry!!!! im surveying the breast pump now and i'm counting on your review! hhehe cepat mama leo! hehe

  2. hehe... ok Aifa... tungguuuuuu...... :)

  3. mama leo,
    i pon dah xsabar..tgh survey for b/pump jgk..tot want to us medela mini bile google kt,bunyi kuat plak alat tu..
    i tnggu tau mama leo...
    muuaaahh to armand,

  4. ehee... jgn bimbang... akan di-review secara menyeluruh... :)