May 30, 2011

Senyum.. tak perlu kata apa-apa....

I'm a little teapot, short and stout
Here is my handle [one hand on hip], here is my spout [other arm out straight]
When I get all steamed up, hear me shout
Just tip me over and pour me out!
[as song ends, lean over and tip arm out like a spout]

That's mummy and tok singing... i grew up with lots of nursery rhymes, sang by my mum.. and the above is one of my favourites... now i have the opportunity to sing it to my son! alhamdulillah.... :)

this is his reaction! :D


grrr aaaaaa.......

*laughing* kuar air liur tak hengat k...

*shaking heads*

puuuuu eeeeee...........

Mummy loves you lots!


  1. ahh armand dah besar...muka iras u la leo

  2. ololo....dah pandai buat ape dah now...:p

  3. hiks... terbaru dia amaze dgn jari jemari dia sendiri... terpaksa la mummy kena pastikan kuku pendek selalu and less with mittens..:)

  4. alololo cutenya armand.. bila lah auntie nak jumpa armand ni, geram la kat dia!!!

  5. tu lah Aunty Mar ni.. meh meh.. bwk abg Is skali... :) eh.. Is dah sihat kah?

  6. hi...

    looking for cukur jambul favors,

  7. HI Mrs Hilmy... kitorg dah buat cukur jambul on our anniversary 15th may lps... but thnks anyway for stopping by ya.. :)

  8. hahaha.. cute! i dont remember the melody of that song...kena youtube ni.. my baby pn tgh syok lyn nursery rhymes.. tp asik2 lagu twinkle2 little star ngan baba black sheep je. :P

  9. hehe... baa baa black sheep pun ok juge...