May 10, 2011

Armand's progress

Hi y'all... :)

We went to see paeds (Dr Sanjay Woodhull.. gituuu.. international tak nama tuh.. ahahha )on 6th May at SDMC... taking Armand's 2nd Hepatitis shot... also ukur2 him... he's now 4.73kg, 54cm... during birth it was 3.86kg and 49cm... doc said it's a good growth... weight is a bittttttttttt heavier than average... yikes! :) well... dah mummy nya pun sihat walafiat kannn... alhamduillah... he's less meragam than before.. but he likes people 'entertaining' him between 8pm to 11pm daily... huhuuu.. this is very tiring mannnnn.......

u need to talk-talk to him... sing to him...

then he'll get bored... i changed position and put him on his tummy... he still responds to your speech and singing...

he will get bored easily.. and this is the hardest part... if you carry him, he PREFERS you to stand! not only stand still... you need to walk-walk and hayun-hayun him! this is where i'm thinking of 'buai'... again.. if you open this topic to relatives or anybody... hmmm... they easily turned down your suggestion and said it's not good... don't teach him to sleep in a 'buai'... heyyyy... try la carry 5kg baby for 2 hours and tell me how it feels... *showing biceps* this is why i totally agreed with Diah and fully support her decision on what best for Nayli... i do understand what she's gone through...

after all the above efforts.. he will sleep and i reckon because he is tried already.... 

when he slept around 12.. he'll wake up ard 3.30am - 4am for feeding.. and lucky me he will sleep again easily and wake up for morning feed ard 7am... at one time he woke up at 9am! mummy oso slept very well with him... anddddddd... you need to change your bedsheet as well coz he'll wet the bed! diaper bocor okehhhh...

*phew* yes... i'm tired.. and to all new mummies out there... happy tired! eheh... and happy mother's day!!


  1. Happy mother's day mommy..

  2. Huhu...Aryyan gained 1.4kgs ms 1st doc x ckp pape pulak..hehe..jnji sihat...Armand's behaviours lebey kurang same gn Aryyan...easy to care...happy mom's day dear..

  3. geramnye tengok armand!!!

    Happy Mother's Day, LEO :)

  4. go ahead and do what's best for you and armand babe...sume org senang je buai la ape la...bukan depa yg lenguh tangan duk berhayun...FYI, i pon gave into buai cos Nia sgt susah nak tido during daytime after i started work dulu...mula2 try bouncing net - it doesnt we finally bought a buai, and thank god we made that decision....until now, siang still lagi tido buai, but at the same time, kalo takde buai pon dia ok je tido atas katil/tilam biasa....everytime we travel, there's exactly NO NEED for us to bring the buai along - cos she is still able to sleep atas tilam biasa - cume tak selama tido lam buai....tido atas tilam/katil during the day will give her a 1-1.5hrs of sleep...tido dlm buai for her day naptime will give her a min solid 3 hours of sleep...once da bgn, she's all fresh and ready to go play outside....

  5. dayang.. N.. hepi mom's day to you too!

    nani.. really? now i still can bear mendukung and menghayun sendiri as gilir2 ngan my mum... huhu.. later2 nanti my mum takde kena la pikir lain plak... nak convince Alif pun satu hal gak.. :)

  6. cute armand!!...sedap nama armand kan..;p

  7. jihan... my 'sista' suggested to us.. :)

  8. Kak Yoe - for us, alhamdulillah we managed to survive WITHOUT buai.. memang TERSANGAT lah mencabar dan susah in the beginning.. but all we thought was pakai buai lebih byk mudarat drpd tak pakai.. so we chose utk tak pakai.. coz byk accident disebabkan buai.. lgpun we all hantar baby to nursery, so without buat is definitely the best for him, biar org nursery tu rajin2 skit melayan. Alhamdulillah the nursery that we sent our baby pun mmg jenis yg banned buai coz diorg tanak baby asyik tido siang dok dlm buai and tak aktif.
    Actually it is just a phase Kak Yoe, nnt bila dah masuk next month maybe Armand's sleeping pattern will change.. Anyway, it is up to you guys.. u know the best for him!

  9. Nisa' dah baper minggu dah ya skrg? sibuk ngan Hafiy dah nak ulang semula pengalaman ber-baby ya... heheh...