September 15, 2006

Da Launch!!!

A quick one... Had a blast with Jason, Tina and Ken last nite... the members were awesome!!! but me got knee pain again =P juz got back from SJMC, got one injection and MC. Doc gave me one hour to go back home before the medicine actually kicking in my system and i will fell asleep... he he... best tuh... now i have around half an hour more before i kaput... drop by ofis just to share the launch photos... xPeace05 like me in that outfit... so, taipan's launch, i'll wear da same thing lah... ahaks!

Before (makeup sume cantik lagi)

After (heh heh... all melted.. our clothes oso...)


  1. I think almost everyone who has a blog and attended the launch has update their blog bout the launch except MOI!!!! i am so lazy bump!! better update it by tonite...

    Oh gurl, whatever u wear, u still look SPLENDID!!! :) keep a good rest on your leg ya. I still need you in other launches in future....

  2. everyone using same pic!! i like i like

  3. ooo .... cantiknya gambar! macam nie ad!

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