September 14, 2006

Me with PLU

Oh well…. Tonight is the night… hope we can make it right… Bought new top yesterday… and thought of buying new pants also as my Nike pants doesn’t suit the top that well… and we don’t want to wear black tonight… here it goes again… my lunch time will be converted to shopping in Summit!!! Ahaks!!!

Enough of gym stuffs… time for my personal things…

Some time ago, Shirlyn wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers at her new office… She said his funny, kind and she said I would probably ‘click’ with him well… Shirlyn is one of my friends who knew about my past, lightning relationship with the Proton guy… haha… So, I know that she meant well when she wants me to date again… but you know wut happen… I received an email from her, saying that her friend actually does not have interest on girls… haiyoooo… as much as I love my Gay friends… that much of love turns to hate when I realized that there isn’t much guy left out there for us anymore… If there is, jahat la pulak… then how?!?!? sometimes its funny, and its also a very sad situation… Sad, pathetic, painful love songs really ‘click’ with me well lately… MORE ICE CREAM, MORE ICE CREAM plsssssssssssssss………….

Lia, my colleague, also wants to introduce me to her friend… well, no harm in making new friends right? Really want to go Karaoke with her, but this gym thingy always get in the way… *sigh* the timing always not right… tu namanya takde jodoh… he he..

It just… no hope means no heart break… better then hoping for something which is fake… fake from the start… and its all fake!!!! ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY!!!!

What I want from a man!!!

1. Who has a very strong stand in what he does (the right one lah…). He knows what he wants in his life, and he will work towards the aim…

2. The one who will fight for what/ whom he loves…

Nowadays, people always easily give up on the things… Take my-ex for example, he didn’t even try to fix the problem that we had (which I don’t even get to know what)… he runs away from it… and look for new girlfriend… I don’t blame him if he thinks that I’m not the one… but the thing that makes me ‘frust’ is… a man should be a man!!! He should have the guts to tell me straight to my face, “Leo, I don’t really love you, and I don’t think we will work out” hah!! Kan senang….

3. I’m the type… hmmm… people say, “perigi carik timba” he he…meaning, I will make the first move if I feel I’m attracted to someone… So, I like to be treated the same way… so man, please come and WOO me… don’t WOO each other.. =D

4. A man should have and realize his responsibility!! In any way…. (no elaboration on this… time for them to think… this will show whether he understand his responsibility or not…)

5. Humble (these kinda of man, I like….)

6. Good personality (hmmm.. really hard to define, but fair enough to say that he is on par with me… meaning, he understand what I’m saying/ doing and vice versa)

What I do not want in a man!!!
1. COWARD!! (hoh… really an a**hole lah… no need to be a man… go and change your gender)

2. Bad tempered (ini tarak bagus punya manusia… )

3. Super-duper ‘perasan bagus’ (people who always ‘perasan bagus’ always the ‘tak bagus’ one)

4. Control freak (this one really don’t have any confident lah… everything also want to control… u dun trust people, how do you expect people to trust u)

5. Smelly… (yuck yuck yuck… puke puke puke)

Ok done!!! Lagi byk I membebel, lagi pening kepala… now I’m back with the music… rompe rompe rompe!!! Till I see u again!!! Buh-bye….

One cute picture, for your digestion ;-)


  1. *sigh*

    After looking at the criteria you set... I think I fit all lah...

    Sayang tak ade jodoh... Masuk Islam boleh kahwin dua bini kan?

  2. You lupa satu benda lagi. He has to be straight. Kindda sad right, that most of the handsome and gorgeous men are gay. But from this side of the world, personally think that there are more gorgeous straight men where we could only dream of laying hands on. So, we shall leave them to you. We oogle and drool. You do the rest sista!

  3. oMG!!! gurl, that picutre...LOL, i almost fell of from my chair looking at the pic!!...Whatever it is, you look super-duper-fantabulous-sensational-sexy-savvy-hottie with your outfit yesterday nite lauch.!!!

    Come to think about it, maybe u need to dress that way for a change now....:)