September 26, 2006

You love me, you love me not

It’s better to find someone who loves you rather than whom you love!!!

Heard that phrase before? Hmmm… I heard it over and over and over and over again… All of a sudden it keeps playing in my mind… do you all agree with that? I’ll expect almost all of us will say… Yes! Its true! If you stay with someone who loves you, than he/ she will be happier, and the chance of getting hurt is very thin… but, did any of you ever in that position? I mean either parties… being loved by someone but you cannot force yourself to love him/ her back or you love somebody so much yet not getting the same in return.. have you?

Well let me give you two situations. And maybe we can try to put ourselves in that person’s shoes and what would we react if we were in their position. Would we acted/reacted the same way?

Being loved by somebody
A falls in love with B so deeply. A always plans something for B, try everything to please B and do anything to get B’s attention. B notices the effort and decided to return A’s love. They ended up with a beautiful relationship, even though A is not really B kind of Mr/ Mrs Right. B appreciate A very much for the love and tries everything to make things right because B knows, A will do anything to make this relationship works. B slowly found a way to love A back for what he/she is. It all went well until C came… C has everything that B dream of and of course B had a crush in C. To make it complicated, surprisingly, he/she is not the only one. C in a way likes/loves B too… so for a while, A&B’s relationship turn sour as B realized that he/she didn’t really sincere in their relationship. It just happens that at that particular time, B has nobody else, and A is the only one who cares for him/her and treated B the way a lover do. So, at one time, B cannot lie to herself/himself anymore and finally told A that he/she cannot continue this relationship as it all based on compromised, not love. B left A and leads a happy life with C.

Loved somebody so much
Hmmm… guess what!?! It’s the same as the above, but this time you are A!! =D

What a cliché huh? Well… that’s life… so… who would you rather be? A or B? of course I think any of us would not want to be on neither side… That’s what I’m trying to say here… it doesn’t matter who loves who first… it is just as simple as, at the 1st place:
1. Are you in love?
2. Are you ready to sacrifice some things in your life to other person other than yourself?
3. Are you ready to start a long term commitment?
4. Are you ready to see yourself ‘sharing’ things with that person, physically and emotionally?

If all the 4 questions are answered, “YES”, so who loves who first doesn’t apply anymore because you are ready to move on!!! Take risk in life… that what makes it so precious… always expect the unexpected and the same time, do keep your feet to the ground… be realistic =)

This entry is totally dedicated to women/men which is nearly dying of ‘waiting’ for the Mr/ Ms Right to come to you… woiii come on!!! Make the first move!!! Life is short, and for us, girls…. Decent guys are getting fewer and fewer… you better take the opportunity to work things out… in this year of millennium, “perigi cari timba” doesn’t exist… this is about “perigi mencari contractor yg sesuai utk menimba” so that, the “perigi” won’t dry without any reason =D End of the day, you got nothing to lose. As for me, I’d prefer to go for the one whom I like and have a clear answer whether there is ‘hope’ or not between me and him. If its not, then I can issue another ITB (invitation to bid) to another contractor, he he…. ;-) At the same time, open your mind/heart and soul to other contractors nearby whom we didn’t wish to invite for the tender but yet, they are interested to bid… ok?


  1. I also think like what you are thinking...would like to make a first move...but...worry the answer and not brave enough :( how?

  2. i think sometimes the best thing is not to overly question love so much. i suppose love can be a simple thing if you want and it is always better to have a balance love (provided you are in a relationship). A can love B more sometimes, B can love A more somtimes ... those kinda thinge!

    That aside, singles looking for someone special - hmmm i have to say, i agree with you to a certain agree. semua benda yang baik-baik dan ada potential selalunya akhir dengan persahabatan - ataupun "pembengkokan yang luar biasa"

  3. alamak, love ni bukannya ade meter boleh measure sape love sape lebih. kekadang A lebih love B dulu, tapi over time, A punye feelings drop dari 100% ke 0%. mana tau kan? emotions ni fluctuate like crazy tau.

    paling best yang mutual... baru ade happy ending, kan? :-)

  4. Hey Leo,
    Stumbled upon your blog. Not sure if your remember me or not but check out my blog when free.

    This post is really inspiring but sometimes it is difficult to move on when the person we like have no clear answer. Coz somehow we might be hovering on hopes that there might be some positive turnout from there.

    How le? Very difficult question..hehe

    Cheers, looking forward to your classes after Raya.

  5. shirlyn: haik... my baby jam has to be brave!!

    andrewkin: 'pembengkokan yg luar biasa'? hmmm... tak straight la tu kan =)

    kt: Yup gurl... mutual is the best, but i dun mind being the one who loves more =D

    tweets: if i see u, i'll remember laaa.. he he... anyway, thats why i said... if u dunno, ask lar... hey boy, u like me arr? =D

  6. Hey Leo,
    Sorry to disappoint you. I'm a girl. ;P

  7. Hahaha!!! Yup! tweets is a girl... dunno who she is? let me refresh ur memory...

    Shogun 1U... sitting opposite u with long hair with sort of orange clothing... as for me, i'm the one sitting next to her. short hair with the "roti" face! oh.. so sad.. hehehe

  8. WOIT BOTH OF YOU, TWEETS AND JAZZ2DMAX!!!! "hey boy, u like me arr?" suppose to be tweets's words to the person she like larrrrrrrr!!!! not from me to her larrr... aiyyooooo.... so blur arr you two... =P of coz i know tweets is a girl, how can a boy uses tweets as a nickname lah...

  9. ohhh.. you're right... sighh... really blurrrrr..... heheheeh... i'm not thinking straight.. hahaha

  10. Oh, now it make sense.

    Malunya...orang sakit mestilah blur.


  11. hey dear...not brave as u la!