September 12, 2006

Tribute to Mastura!!

Congratulations to my housemate, Siti Mastura Omar for her promotion to Senior Exec HR (i think..he he), Proton!!!

She loves pink so much, so da whole thing has to be pink kay....

Siti Mastura Omar (Mas), 26 yrs old... still single (any application to be her boyfriend sgt lah di alu-alukan)... loves MTV and Channel V so much.... but hates house chores, i.e: basuh baju, jemur baju and lipat baju... ahaks! Loves going to the salon and had manicure once in awhile... he he...

I personally thinks that she deserved that promotion... judging from her commitment to work... YOU GO GIRL!!! keep it up... remember, no more complain... tak larat aku ngan Ezzy nak dengar... she juz got back from Bangkok... finally, she got some time off from work... good for her... she had a blast there... i left one big chunk of important info, she loves to travel... and we share the same dream to go to Bora Bora Island, Tahiti... lets go there someday!!! woohoooo.........

apa lagi ye... hmmm... she's selling off her Kancil and most probably she's gonna buy Satria Neo... i didn't really agree, as my experience with Proton car... huh... u all know lah... giving her some thoughts of buying either Vios, Honda Civic or at least Hyundai getz... lets see lah ya...

Ok... off you go girl... May Allah bless you... Be grateful of what you have... and what you have will definitely be perfect for you ;-)

P/S: Bila mau belanja daa? At least, buffet kat Sheraton Subang...


  1. O My God! u just did a big announcement on ME! malu weiiii!! haha...not senior exec la, same title but different salary band. haha! so embarassing! anyway tks. will treat u girls dinner anytime soon..k. chili's?

  2. hazlin. i just wanted to know whether ur siti mastura omar is my long lost fren when i was in srk st. convent alor star (1987-1988)
    can i get her email?

    siti hazlin murni ali

  3. yes babe!! it's me! hi how are u? i've sent u an email. do reply!