June 16, 2011

Increase Breastmilk

BloggerS favourite quote (i think)... SHARING IS CARINGGG.......... :)

How to increase your breast milk supply?? 

ACHTUNG: this only based on MY experience... you may try and result may differs ya... if tak sama.. jangan saman i pelisss... tengkiu... eheh... but what i can assure you... this methods/ procedures featured in the following are SAFE to practice... referred to Gynae as well and some can be found in baby websites and are accepted all over the world... gituuu... not based on some 'ridiculous beliefs'... as for food, this is based on ppl's experiences.. and it works for them... and me as well... mainly in Malaysia (Asian also applies i think.. same weather kut... hahah)

1. Baby-mother relationship
a) Start as early as you can after delivery.. for c-sect ppl, aka myself oso.. :) the nurse/ doc at the hospital will definitely help you with this... my 1st experience was about 2-3 hours after delivery... let the baby suckle.. learn proper latching.. and your milk will definitely be on demand... 'factory' will produce instantly.. :) for the 1st few days.. of course factory is not 'full blast' yet... don't give yourself too high expectation.. :)

b) Use the time in hospital (maybe 2-3 nights) to direct feed as many times as you can.... your baby will determine the 'clock'... unless it is advise by doc to wake up your baby for feeding in certain time due to certain medical conditions... this is the time to learn how to use breastpump as well.. :) as for me, SDMC lent me Spectra BP.

c) In confinement period... continue to direct feed.. plus, pump right after your feed... you might only get 1 to 2oz.. no worry... it's normal.. :) in time.. it will increase! this time also.. you can try to stock your EBM, if possible
* i DIDN'T do this part! :) huhuuu... cos i'm so in post-natal blues... can't think right.. eventho i was advised to do so... ahahah... so, i only direct feed... resulting, no EBM stock.. now (after 2 months), i'm struggling to express milk.. no stock.. what i expressed today, just enough for tomorrow's need of my baby...

2. 'Enhancement/ Apparatus'
a) Breastpump!! it's a must!! hehe.. pls choose your brand as per your suitability to the pump... not because your neighbour has it.. or your good friend has it.. or most bloggers have it.. or it's the most expensive pump around.. can read my review/ experience here... :)

b) At work.. pump every 2 or 3 hours... a must! again... please be consistent.. eventho you'll get 1 to 2Oz... it WILL increase! if you are always outside for work (like me lah..), bring your pump and pump in the car! and you can pump while driving you know! *wink* get one of this.. sapraisssssssssss... it works with all type of brands... :) Currently... i'm expressing 30z - 5oz of milk per session/ 3 hours interval...

c) At home... direct feed your baby, but pump in between feedings... in total, maybe 5-6 times per day... i also expressed at 7.45am every morning, just before i go to work... Armand will direct feed at 6am almost every morning... my morning result usually more.. i don't know why... hehe...

3. Food/ Supplements
a) Milktea - the one i'm having right now is JoyAngel and EarthMama.AngelBaby brand... i think it help as well.. and yes.. milk production is increasing... :)

b) Dairy products - Milk and cheese... make it daily consumption

c) White radish - this one.. ppl say... i follow! :)

d) Ikan Yu ( small sharks) - hmmm.. hard to find... and endangered species :).. personally not recommended by me..

e) i AVOID caffein and spicy food.. coz it decreased my milk supply and spicy stuff makes me constipate = stress = less milk! grrrrr....

*optional! :)
f) Baby formula.. i 'forced'  my hubby to buy baby formula.. coz at that time i'm so confident my milk is not enough.. hehhe... he bought Enfalac A+... this is just your mindset... i felt safer to have formula to backup... once in blue moon i fed Armand with formula.. :) nowadays... full bfeed! but still... the formula is always in stock! ahahaha.... just to make me feel better... mummy happy = more milk!

that's all! for now... if i have more.. i'll post it kay...

MOST IMPORTANT: you need to have a strong will!! always has positive thinking... keep saying to yourself.. you want to bfeed your baby... you have more milk! more milk! insyaAllah.. it will come true.. pray a lot to Allah... :)

p/s: If you can't bfeed your baby.. don't be sad... bfeed your baby doesn't give you the 'right' to be better mother than mum who bottle-feed their baby.. *wink* same goes to vaginal birth makes better mother than c-sect mummies! *wink* there's no such rule!! a mother is still a mother!! enjoy your motherhood... :)

happy increasing breast milk people!! or happy formula-feeding people!!



  1. Leo, thanks for sharing. Nak pi cari la Milkmaid tea ni. Shu sekarang dah kene buat EBM, lagi 2 minggu nak start keje ni.

  2. setujuu ngan sume2nya.. bravo Kak Yoe.. maintain & keep up.. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant, baru stop BF Hafiy 3 months ago.. bg breast relax skit & to re-produce the colostrum again.. hehe w/pun ramai gak yg mampu BF time pregnant, but I chose to stop early.. ceh kononnya nak bg adil kat adik Hafiy dlm perut ni biar dpt byk colostrum again.. hehe.. masa BF dulu, i also took byk PROTEIN.. ikan, ayam, telur, susu etc it works too..alhamdulillah. Hopefully this 2nd baby pun nnt takde masalah.. huuu.. tetibe berdebar tak lama dah lagi nak deliver!! adess..sudah lupa the breathing techniques.. huuu.. and nnt kene VE lagik.. adoiii.. tu yg paling tak suke!!

    **hugs for armand**

  3. Shu... lots of website ada tea tu... :) or sometimes i pegi Summit USJ.. ada kedai baby situ.. Babylove.. ada jual...

    Nisa'... ahahhah.. happy VE yaaaaaa.....

  4. happy bf dear...slalu nmpk tea tu...tp tkt nk try..rase ape ekk..?

  5. N.. rasanya mcm Jasmine tea tapi ada sikit2 rasa jintan... i buh gula sket.. :) ok lah.. takde la tak sedap giler mcm pati ikan haruan ritu.. ahahhaha...

  6. adik ipau ai langsung tak de susu..ai pelik gak.. anak masuk 2 dah..tapi die kate since dari anak 1st die tak pernah susu kan anak die lelame... hanye 1st-2nd day jer...[pelik tu breast nyer besau gak..pelik gak susu tak de]

  7. great entry, mrs leo!

    my problem is 'i cant pump often enough!'. huhuhu... that's y la susu sikit je... to add to my stress, baby doesnt like FM (nk topup la konon) so ape2 hal ttp kena pam jugak walaupn nyawa2 ikan... in the meantime, tgh try jgk nk pam selalu n mkn mcm2 milk booster.

    nk cari fm yg sesuai pn ye jgk. :|

  8. Hi Rye... ritu lactation consultant ada ckp masa kelas that in Msia... semua formula milk bagus... coz Msia is one of the strictest country to penetrate when it comes to baby formula.. so kalo ada di pasaran kita tu, ok la tuh... i use Enfalac A+ tu sbb kwn ckp that's the closest (include taste i think) to mother's milk...

    maybe u kena try byk2 brand and jenis... my nieces/ nephews sume minum Lactogen.. elok je sihat n cerdik.. ehhe... murah pun murah.. and maybe baby u tak suka rasa 'susu lembu'... so cuba try yg soy-based..

    lagi satu kemungkinan adalah jenis botol/ puting... my baby dulu refused pureen... kekwat kan... he prefers tommy tippee... avent tu ok kalo dlm botol tu susu i.. ahhaha.. boley?

  9. Aty.. 1st week mmg susu tak byk... dari segi science nya.. susu mmg ada, cuma byk tak byk je.. sbb tu penting 1st 2 weeks, mmg suh baby suckle je... and mungkin dia da merasa anak pertama takde susu, so dia dah set mind dia yg 2nd ni takde jugak tak? eheee...

    sumtimes, kita tak sedar.. kata2 kita tu sebenarnya doa.. kena sentiasa ckp.. susu ada.. susu byk... :) law of attraction katanya...