June 17, 2011

Modern Bengkung

I didn't wear Bengkung after delivery.. sekian! aahhaha... why?
- i can't use it immediately because of the operation.. supposedly can use after 2 weeks.. and i tried the normal belit2 one.. hmmm... very hard to move around and i can't breastfeed Armand comfortably... so me no wear..
- after confinement.. hmmm... me still no like bengkung.. ahahah... panas.. berpeluh.. gatal.. sakit.. sume ada lah.. so me no wear...
- i don't believe in wearing bengkung will make me thin.. ahhaa.. i believe in balanced diet and exercise.. being a full-figured person all my life... my body only responses well to good workout! :) without bengkung uptodate.. despite of whooping 20kg.. i only has 3kg left to return to my weight before pregnancy.. :) *but i want to lose another 10 though... ahhahaha* *verangannnnnn*

TETAPIIIIIIIIIIII............. atau perkataan omputih, BUT!
flabby lower abdomen.. ngeeee... this is normal after birth and it will not 'vanish' in one week! :P :P :P my upper abdomen is flat! so it's very hideous hor... having only the lower part of ur tummy showing when you wear baby-tees.. :)
last week, when i went to gym for my 'light' workout... it's quite a funny feeling having your lower tummy 'vibrates' while dancing... ahahahhaa.... moreover my abdominal muscle is not strong yet, hence no core strength at all.. urghhhh... i hate the feeling!
- so...i thot i need to at least try or better still force myself to wear bengkung so that at least it can hold the tummy for me.. and give me more strength.. i guess...

kakak in the office said... "if tak mau bengkung.. pakai girdle pun ok..." hmmmm... girdle pun i takdak.. i only has corset... the one that i wore one 3 times during my 3 wedding receptions! ahahhaha... i can't use that as it will make me hard to pump at work.. so decided to buy new one....

and i settled with this!

Autumnz Post-Partum Abdominal Binder is thoughtfully designed to help reshape your tummy back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Hailed as the ‘Modern Bengkung’, this tummy wrap will facilitate the post-pregnancy recovery process in a natural way.
* Support, enhances and tones your figure after delivery
* Helps to reduce unwanted stress marks and improve the skin’s natural elasticity
* Comfortable, light and breathable
* Luxuriously soft inner layer which is gentle on skin
* Unnoticeable under clothing
* Simple to use hook and loop closure enables easy self-fitting
* Comes with 3 rows of loops for easy adjustment
*Durable and high quality hook closing which will not let go when sitting down
*Constructed from 6 panels of beautifully embroidered elastic, which allows contour fit
* Total height of binder is 11 inches.
* Hand wash recommended
* Made from imported materials

banyak la dia punya promise kannnnn........ anyway.. today is the 1st day wearing it to the office.. hmm... easier to walk... comfortable to sit, with it.... but.. (ada saje kan tapinya..) cannot eat and drink a lot!! huwaaaaaaaa............. i hetchiewwww i hetchiewwwwwwwww.............. *ada bukak masa lunch nanti nehhh*



  1. i baru je usha ni kat kedai hari tu. adakah besh? boleh tak i takut tak muat because i dah expand yang teramat. huhuh

  2. hi Derq... :) berat i skrg 73kg and pinggang size 36"... i beli L.. scarrrrrryyyyyyyy.... huhu...

    bengkung tu selesa... walaupun pjg.. cover from bottom of the boobs until the bikini line... if nak pendekkan, boley lipat... size ikut waistline
    *L = 32" - 36"
    *XL= 36" - 40"
    *XXL= 40" - 44" ..
    ada kt littlewhiz.com... ada sale smpi 4th sept... :)

    i amik L.. tapi mcm ketat sikit.. advise.. if u dkt border.. better opt for one size bigger... :)

  3. bengkung utk pantang mak i dah siapkan awal2.
    kalau tak kurus2 jugak lepas pantang, harus beli nie..

  4. eheh... ni kul 1.43pm.. jap gi kul 2pm, masa pump nanti i nak bukak.. tak tahan dah.. rimasssssss... ahahhahah...

  5. huhu... saya akan cuba hari2.. insyaAllah.. dah lama2, harap kurang rimas.. eheh... :)

  6. thanks leo...i baru duk google nak cari modern bengkung...been wearing bengkung sendyu tinggi yg berbelit2 ni....now ade makcik tukang urut tolong pakaikan senang skit...but later susah nak kena mintak tolong org lain plak lilit2....so thinking of getting a modern one...will check this out kat littlewhiz...muwaks!!

  7. nani... my pleasure... :) epi belitkan diri.. eheh

  8. bole tak terkekek-kekek gelak bace ur entry masa mula2 tu? hihihihi... funny laaa :P

    i only wear my mom's premium beautiful's corset. tu pn bkn full set cos maleh.. pakai waist nipper je. but since it's my mom's, so mmg longgar gak le.. siyes malas gile berbengkung2 ni :(

  9. i think this is what i need!u beli ktner?and how much?ade improvement x?i pakai girdle 24jam n kalau x pakai i rasa mcm low self esteem.rasa xle kluar rumah kalau xde girdle.uwa!!

  10. Rye... yg premium beautiful ka.. crony ka.. susah nanti nak 'memerah' susu kt opis... kena bukak sume.. tak ke jenuh 3 kali nak bukak pasang bukak pasang.. ahahah...

  11. Diah... kat littlewhiz.com! tempat feveret shoppin i... ahhaha... ada sale smpi 4th sept... RM62.90... i pasrah je kuar umah dgn perut menggeleber... ahahhaha... over konfiden camni bahyer gak.. hodoh uols... *evil*


  12. hehehhehe,
    anum baru nak try cari utk my sis..
    tapi saiz apa yg paling kecil ek

  13. size M Anum... waist 28" - 32"... tu sgt kecik la tu.. kalo org tu lps bersalin pinggang kecik dari 28'.. tipulah tu.. ekekkekk....

  14. Try out abdominal exercise machines that work for you. It’s time for you to aim towards those tough to get areas and commence building the body you have already dreamed of.

  15. thanks Montanna... i will definitely be active on exercising and teaching aerobic classes again! :) i take it slow this time... listening to my body... currently i only go to gym once a week.. doing cardio workout...