June 27, 2011

Jalan-jalan Cari Rumah

today... mummy's gonna ramble about house.... :) why? there's a story i want to share and i really wanna get it out from my chest! 

All of us... married couple especially... will have their own dream of owning a home! true? if no then it's ok.. hehe..so do my husband and i... the one that we are living right now is an apartment.. the one we can afford...  and i can say it's still big for us.. even though with additional-Armand! :) however... it's always have been my dream to live in a landed property... with a small garden aka land area... why? because i like gardening and i like to wash my own car! ahahha... and also it reminds me of my childhood where i love to play around my folks' gardens.. i would like for Armand to experience the same... soooooooooo... we went for house-hunting last weekend... *phewww* with a certain range price, the one we can afford of course, new development area, where pricing is still reasonable and with certain locations that we aim.... from Bukit Jelutong all the way to Shah Alam2... and from Bukit Bandaraya to Alam Impian, Shah Alam... and we have decided to pick one! :)

Kuala Lumpur = no no noooooo....... me no like jam!
Kajang/ Bangi = no no noooooo....... me never know that area
Cyberjaya/ Putrajaya = hmmmm...... i dunno why i donch like this area.. ahha...
Klang = my hubby don wan.. very far to his work place
Petaling Jaya/ Hartamas/ Damansara = new property? banglo/ semi-D byk la.. ko mampoo????

1. Sunway Alam Suria Phase 1b(iii), Developer: Sunway City Berhad
- They are launching Phase 1c... 2 1/2 storey link-houses... veli niceeee.... modern design... 22'x 65'.....
:) :) :) i love this type of design very much.. and i would say, current houses are designed to be modern/ contemporary... 
as i said before... i would like a garden area.. so, to cut it short we only ask for corner lot price... RM740k++ *gulpppp first time*

but.. the sales person, Ms Tan.. veeeeeeliiiiiiiii nice lady... told us that from previous launch, Phase 1biii... there are 3 corner lots left, 2-storey.. cheaper than 1c area... construction -wise.. halfway done... hmmm... to be considered... size: 47' x 65'. Near to Surau... they just built the surau... community.. i wud say 60% malay... guess only hor.. :) accessible through major highways.. 

2. Amanda & Carmita, Shah Alam2. Developer: IJM Land. cluster semi-Ds
- ahemmm.. yep.. semi-D 20' x 55'.. yet it's still very cheap for semi-D!! RM320k onwards... Amanda's corner lot sold out.. damn! Carmitta still have one... the land area itself is 6000++ square feet! damn... leh buat lagi 3 rumah kut... ahhaha.. cost: RM504k.. community... 90% malay.. i guess again.. :)

Carmita's show unit... fully furnished with IKEA furnitures...  wanna buy show house, fully furnished RM560k.. nice! :)

But.................. a longgggggggggggggggg but....................... Shah Alam2 is so damn far!!!! huwaaaaaaaaaa........ it's near UiTM Puncak Alam campus... and it's in the area of Majlis Bandaran Kuala Selangor... aiyoooo.. if i were to stay there... then i can say goodbye to Fitness First and True Fitness... seriously! and those who wanna visit me, for sure i'll bring you to watch kelip-kelip.. haha..

3. Collaris, Bukit Bandaraya. Developer: LebarDaun Sdn Bhd
- Veryyyyyyyyyy nice house again.... 2-storey 22' x 75'
pricewise ok for intermediate... location.. next to Taman Pertanian Msia, Shah Alam aka Bukit Cerakah... at the back of the development is actually the reserve land area... confirmed there will be NO development at the back there.. 2 natural lakes nearby... very soothing area...

Thing is... corner lot.. RM880,888! *faint* but it's a verrrrry big house... 35'x 75' just the house.. (not sure about the 75'.. maybe 80'.. hehe)  6+1 bedrooms.. 5 bathrooms... wow! dreamhouse okeh.. salesperson, Alex.... veeliiiiiiiiiii nice person also.. he brought us to the site area and explained the developer's plan for that area... majority Malay as well.. surau already active as their first phase housing area was years back... accessibility.. only one route.. thru Shah Alam... not attach to any highways...

4. Aquina, TTDI Alam Impian. Developer: Naza TTDI
- 20'x80', 22'x80' and 24'x80'..... few types... pricing starts from RM740k++... hmmm... very nice design and spacious! near highways... in-and-out..LKSA highway... compulsory RM1.20 toll! new township...
 one end-unit 22'x80' will cost us RM826k... hmmm... bigger ones... hmmm... take a guess.... 

this one... DEFINITELY A NO-NO to us!!! why????? coz the salesperson it's soooooooooooooo condescending... arghhhhhh....... malu i mengaku jadi melayu! firstly, when we stepped in the 'launch' area around 3pm... nobody attended to us.. we thought, maybe there are lots of ppl and few of them to handle... but no................ there are around 7-8 ladies/ gents who are 'free' and just stand still!! i dunno what is their function... and i approach them and asking things... she reluctantly answered my questions... i'm started to get pissed... and i told her to get somebody who can answer my question without referring to somebody every time to get the answer! then she brought me to a malay guy.. looks a bit senior and i can see his name on the sticker thingy on the board.. meaning he managed to do quite a number of sales that day.. and i think.. owh.. he must be good... hmmmmmm.... first thing he asked us, "you punya bajet bulan2 berapa ya... 800? 900?" and he smirked!!! whatttttttttttttt in the hell is that?!??!?!?!? you ingat sbb i pakai t-shirt and jeans i tak mampu ke nak beli rumah yg u jual konon2 mahal sgt tuh?!??!? heyyyyyyyyyyyy................. u should not do that to your potential clients!! after that i pointed straight to the end-unit.. "i want that unit price... we are looking for corner unit.. get somebody who can tell us the next step, paperwork and so on" then he attended to us nicely and explain to us the township planning and everything... *sigh* i don't want to eleborate anymore... seriously i'm really disappointed on how NAZA trained their salesperson... maybe it's their 'thingy' of only attending to 'look-rich' kinda person... so be it... as for us, we are soooo not gonna buy their house just because of the way we were treated!! 

and this is the story i want to share! maybe a 'look-out' for you guys if you are facing this kind of situation.. never give-in to this kind of attitude.. no matter how big is the company that you are working with, you have no right to look down on people!! it just shows how low your morale is!!!

And conclusion for us... we settled with Sunway Alam Suriam phase 1biii! :) did i tell u our house is next to the linear park? after this.. no reason not to jogging! heheh...

house - big enough for our use... and for the price we can afford... :) now we are saving/ planning/ budgetting to interior-design our house.. yayy!!... verangan time! hheheh... any recommendation on good interior designer? :)



  1. let's saving..planning..budgeting & designing our house dear...

  2. bestnyerrrr cr rumahhhhhhh!!!! nk buat saving jugak lahhhh! hehehe...

  3. beli rumah cepat2, harga makin melambung2.
    How i wish i can buy a house too :(

  4. menarik sgt ur entry ni.. i pun tgh cari landed-properties.. Sunway Alam Suriam phase 1b ada lg unit for sale tak? if ada nak try pegi mana tau ada rezeki.. tapi my budget rm500k below je. Susah nak dapat dah harga budget2 camtu skrg :(

  5. Ajan... teruskan savings itu! :) caiyokkk!!

  6. Shu... nanti boleh beli.. no worries.. your time will come! insyaAllah...

  7. so how much is this one kakak? me oso tunggu loan appruf for a condo in Shah Alam. tatau nk duduk ke nak sewa.

  8. Maznie... phase 1biii ada satu je lagi.. corner lot.. RM702k... :( kalo bajet RM500k.. cuba tgk rumah Sime Darby dkt Bukit Rajah township... rasanya can still get that price... and if u dont mind staying in Klang.. cuba tgk I&P punya.. Bayuemas... range RM388,888 - RM515,888...

  9. adik... 676k... hopefully loan approve.. huhu... condo? stay dulu la situ.. if tak suka komuniti situ, then baru sewakan... :)

  10. leo, u dah macam agent hartanah. hehehe but seriously very informative entry.
    aiyak! very kekwat la itu sales person. jgn beli rumah diorang okeh.
    leo, jom kita verangan bersama2. anor pun tgh verangan2 nak deco rumah ni. hehehe

  11. anor... ekekkeke... semangat nih, nak kasi org lain gi survey2 rumah jugak.. hiks! leo siap download software SweetHome3D lagik... kasik verangan lagi extra... cbe try cbe try.. besttttt!!! :)

  12. babe..u tak nak try tengok umah kat alam impian..?? kat situ kawasan perumahan baru cantik tengah naik.. dekat kawasan haiway LKSA..tak sampai 10 minit u nak gi PKNS shah alam area..n senang jugak nak masuk federal haiway... jauh tak untuk u..?? [dulu ai pernah plan nak beli kat situ..tapi tetibe pindah kene ikut asben pulak..[huhu]

    :: kiteorang pon beli umah bawah sebab asben kate senang nak basuh kereta sendiri depan umah..:)

  13. Aty... yg TTDI Naza tu dkt Alam Impian lah... sebelah dgn Alam Impian yg I&P develop... :) rumah mmg cantik tapi kena reject sbb jurujual tak best... ahahahah...

  14. yeay!!....congratulations in advance proud future house owners!!...;-)...rumah kite will be quite close by jugak....ur area is the one yg otw to uitm puncak alam tu ka?

    anyhow, happy saving $$$....cos u'll need a lot of that once the house is ready...;-)...cant wait for the housewarming partehhhh....hehehe

  15. nani... tq! and yep.... ikut jalan tu.. alam suria is next to Cahaya SPK and Kayangan Heights..

    $$$? confirm brg2 elektrik kitorg hangkut je dari rumah skrg ni.. 3 aircond sume bukak! ahahhaha...

  16. congrats Kak Yoe! nice choice! Kitorg pun tgh house hunting jugak.. tp criteria kitorg kene dekat ngan KL/ in KL (coz my biz is based here) and kene dekat ngan airport (senang utk hubby fly)..area2 yg Kak Yoe cite tu sume best2, price pun acceptable with the level of properties.. tp area tak masuk dlm list kitorg.. huuu.. so we are still maid hunting & house hunting.. tak abes2.. papehal pun, kene fikir nak beranak dulu! adoii..

  17. dkt ngan KL and KLIA? hmmm... cuba tgk area cyberjaya sana... accessible to KL using MEX hiway and to KLIA using Elite... harga rumah pun takde la kebabom compared to central KL... sila cek cek cekidaut...

  18. hi leo,
    u should come to mapex this weekend 1-3 july @ pwtc...byk developers are there!!

  19. hi Rin... thanks for the info... however, kami dah decide dah hari tu.. so takyah la kut nak menyesakkan diri kat PWTC tu.. hehe.. kasik room utk org lain... :)

  20. ok, hahahaha.. tq :D serious mahal umah u rm6++k wahhh! best giler :)

  21. i just confirmed a unit in Sunway Alam Suria Phase 1C 2.5 storey tu...nak siap dalam 2 tahun...harge dalam RM588k...ambik loan AIA...fixed rate 4.85%...this site very informative...keep up the good work...

  22. Shah.. really? alhamdulillah.... nanti berjiran la kita ya... :) jemput la Raya open house 2013!!! gitiewwww....

  23. Hi..sy pun bakal duduk SAS juga, fasa 1b(iii)..
    xsure bila leh buat appointment ambil kunci.. mcm lama je lagi huhu

  24. Hi Amru... or shud i say neighbour! eheh... rumah dah completely siap.. tinggal jalan je lagi.. progressive payment saya baru start... maybe the earliest pun dpt kunci dlm bulan 6 gitu kut...