March 18, 2011

39th week - PANIC

Went for antenatal check-up as usual this morning.... docCT asked how i felt... answer as usual... nothing much... pelvic/ pubic bone pain increases a bit than usual... then she said it's normal... baby might starts to 'engage'... so it's normal to feel more pressure 'down there' than usual... Jr.'s heartbeat = ok! my tummy = ok! and for the first time, i 'experienced' the Vaginal Examination' (VE).... erkkkk... it's no fun i tell you... ahahha... it's only for few seconds and i can say it's just a bit uncomfortable... right after i relieved to know the VE is over... docCT smiled at me... hmmm... i know that smile.. something fishy is coming.... hmmm... as expected...

docCT, "Your muscle is still very tight and strong.... baby's head is not engaged yet and still floating... floating means it's still high in your pelvis.. baby is full term already but you're not in labour at all yet.."

me, *smirk*

haizzzzz.... hi Jr.... mummy's tummy is very cosy izzitttt??? dun wan to come out yet.......

docCT continues, "i will order a MRI for you... just to make sure that your pelvic bone is wide enough for vaginal birth... or else we will plan for c-sect"
 mummy, *panic*

then we headed to the Imaging department... sob sobsss... daddy looks very calm... hmmm.... from outside lah.. ekekke....i felt sad actually at first... i just managed to tell myself that i will try to do it without epidural... now i need to tell myself, please be prepared for c-sect?!??!?! *faint*

owh... the walk to the MRI machine seems to be the longest walk i've ever taken so far in SDMC... huhuh....

cenggini lah rupa MRI machine... sama mcm Grey's Anatomy uols... ahhahaha

docCt explained... MRI is safe for pregnancy... and it's better because it provides a non-invasive alternative to x-ray... what does it mean? i don't know... and at that time, i don't care... huhu.... *sape nak tau lebih detail, sila google je lah ya.. eheee*

that machine gave a quite a noisy sound lehhh.... the radiologist gave me ear plugs.. than headphones over it... with Kelly Clarkson's song.... hmmm... quite nice... feel sleepy inside there.. hahaha... i guess the process took about 10-15 mins as it played 3 songs... :)

after having the result.. went back to docCT's clinic... andddddddddd........ result is good!! :) :) :)

docCT, "Pelvic bone is normal... not even borderline... so insyaAllah.. everything will be okay... we opt for normal delivery.. with your condition today, i could say it's gonna be a long labour... no worries, if you can't stand the pain, we can always use epidural... and again... this can happen otherwise... we just wait and see and do our best for the interest of mummy and baby..."

me, *happy* 



  1. tummy mummy very cosy lh tu. x sabo nk tgk ur baby lh leo.confirm comey :) berat baby dh bpe

  2. Panic sekejap, tp ur condition semua normal kan. So jgn risau2 k. can't wait to see ur baby.

  3. Oh tak saba la leooo nak tgk baby u ;)
    Kem salam baby yg sangat cozy kat dalam peyot mummy dier tu eh ;)

  4. insyaallah semua pasti akan okay!!

  5. leo..lbh kurang mcm kes i.masuk 40wks if x beranak jgk u bole request nk induce sbb x elok i advise u take epidural la.huhu

  6. diah... doc pun ckp.. biasa lah 1st baby... tend to overdue la... epidural IS an option! :) saya sudah ready... ekekkekkk.... pekabo cik tembun? makin berat tak dia? :)

  7. Kak Yoe.. doa byk2.. when it was my time last year, baby still xengaged lagi.. tp dah air ketuban dah leaking (2 weeks early).. tak burst ok, just leaking.. sbb time tu dok sibuk packing nak blk johor haha.. leaking otw dlm kereta dari KL to Johor..smpi JB trus kene induce..but alhamdulillah manage to did it without epidural.
    of all part.. I HATE VE the most!.. erkkk.. tak skerr..
    Kite doakan Kak Yoe & baby selamat & healthy! Go Kak Yoe!! hehe..