March 10, 2011


Owh owh... One of my soul sista wants to give this as a present for Jr.

It's actually a play and learn for your baby.. It starts as a soft play mat with soft animal toys. As your baby grows, it converts into a supportive sofa prop to help them sit up... I never knew this thing exists until it was showed to me by her.. Eheeee....

Thanksssss Kak Ju!!!!! Love ya.... Errr.. Model tu termasuk lam package tak? Ekekekkk...

Last day at the office today!!

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  1. not really a tilam la.. mcm tempat lepak2 gitu.. ehee... cbe tgk sini...,default,pd.html

  2. yanie.. tu lah... mothercare tgh sale.. leh soh hubby gi belikan.. eheee

  3. olololo....cuteness flower itewww...tak campo model yg duduk kat atas tu lagi...eheheh....

    anyways, i sgt jeles hokeh...da start cuti ke....isk isk isk!...haf fun resting while u can....

  4. i also bought the same thing for my baby tp lama lg bole guna.hehe..babe ur edd today kan?all d best ya?cant wait to read ur updates.tcare its gonna b great..

  5. nani... sadapppp... hang nanti cuti 90 hari.. :P

    diah.. hari ni due Diana.. tapi dah bersalin dah seminggu lps.. heh.. i due 28th.. lmbt lagik.. ehhe...