March 13, 2011

Ultraman Tsunami????

Astaghfirullah...... May Allah forgives these ignorant people.... Please 'insert' them some sense and humanity.... Aminnnn....

from a Malaysian actor... how could you make a joke out of this natural disaster??? families and friends are killed in the disaster and all you can think of is making a joke?!??!

I thought this is just a mere stupidity from a celebrity... not saying that all celebrities are pure bimbo.... but when it came from them, it's not really a surprise... well... i thought wrong.... what until u see this....

apparently... our so called national newspaper (Berita Harian) editor has the same mentality!!!!! 



  1. there's a post in our forum by somebody (i can't trace it by now) that says (i concluded it like this) that maybe what the cartoonist's trying to say is when there's a test given by ALLAH, even superheroes could do nothing about it....

    so what should we do is to ask for ALLAH forgiveness and mercy so it wouldn't happen to us....^^

    we, the malaysian should think deep n not just cedok from d surface je...konklusi mudah...

    n btw xkn la berita harian y da bertahun2 tu sgt stupid...maybe depa nmpk apa y disampaikan oleh cartoonist tu but kita y buta ni y xnmpk....simple-minded

    p/s: just my opinion...we should do more thinking instead of just reading & watching^^

  2. dear anonymous... think this?

    what would the family of the victim (from the tsunami) feel or think when they saw the cartoon?

    berita harian yg beribu tahun pun manusia jugak kan? kenapa? kalo dah lama/ atau hebat dlm bidang tersendiri, terus maksum ke, tak buat kesalahan?

    what i'm trying to say is... some things are not meant to be 'joke' about... no matter what the reasons/ excuses behind it... :) if we make mistakes.. just correct it... and learn from it.. as simple as that... but if we make mistakes, yet trying very hard to justify it.. then we might want to re-evaluate ourselves.. how deep is our thinking...

  3. Well said Leo.

    I think this people are just very in- sensitive on the tsunami victims and situation. Wonder how would they react if this happen to their family. Would they still make fun of it and not react?? HMMMMMMM.... I REALLY WONDER....

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I live in Tokyo and was shaken by the big earthquake on Friday. I have friends at the tsunami affected areas. I'm just glad that they can't have access to the newspaper due to the power failure. Or else I'm sure they (be it Malaysians or Japanese) would feel ridiculed by this sick joke. I know I am.
    BTW I didn't remember the people here who is significantly associated with Ultraman, Doraemon and the likes ever make fun of the Indonesian when Acheh was hit by the tsunami or the New Zealanders when Christchurch was shaken by the earthquake recently. They really have the mentality of a developed country. And did you notice that the rescue team from the country associated with Ultraman and Doraemon always arrive first at any country hit by a disaster. They sympathized with others' plight and always try their bet to help out. Not by making sick jokes.

  5. Nampak sangat Anonymous ni penakut kan. Kalau tak, mesti tak kisah tinggal komen letak nama sendiri. Ada ke patut, semua pembaca yang rasa offended dengan kartun tu terus dicop sebagai short sighted or simple minded oleh Anonymous. Dalam Islam kita tak diajar mentertawakan musibah orang. Sebagai orang Islam, saya malu dengan komen. Awak bersembunyi dibelakang tabir agama semata-mata nak tegakkan benang yang basah. Kalau sesuatu perkara tu kita nampak dan rasa salah atau tak betul, maka salah dan tak betullah benda tu. Memang kita tak boleh mengelak bala kalau itu dah ketentuan Allah. Tapi pernah ke orang buat kartun kalau tak untuk cynically comment or critique others? Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia malu tau, malu! Pada pendapat saya, cartoonist itu berfikiran cetek dan tak matang, sama la macam awan Anonymous oi. Jangan cuba nak belok-belok pulak, kalau benda yang salah, tetap salah ye.

  6. i wish that 'anonymous' would read this....